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Alexander Knox is a reporter at The Gotham Globe.  


Batman (1989)

He believes in the Batman, and is very positive about him as well. When he and Vicki Vale are at Wayne Manor(where Bruce Wayne is hosting a charity ball to raise $250,000 for Gotham City's 200th anniversary), Bruce and Vicki hit it off. Alex appeared jealous, but was also a little intrigued by seeing how they got together. Bruce told Alex that he read his work and liked it "a lot". With the Help of Vicki Vale and Batman, he managed to warn people of the product combinations of the Joker's poison. He also inadvertently helped Vicki figure out Bruce Wayne's true identity as Batman, by showing her a newspaper clipping of his parent's death. His last act of bravery was during the 200th anniversary massacre, when he risked being poisoned in order to fight off Joker's thugs. Lastly he covered the unveiling of the Batsignal.

Batman Returns (1992)

He and Vicki were in Metropolis with Harvey Dent .

Batman Forever

He attended Max Shreck's funeral after coming back from Metropolis with Vicki and Dent.

Batman & Robin

Batman Triumphant

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