All New Legends of the Dark Knight Volume Two is a comic book written by me, starring Batman and has the Joker as the main villain. The previous book is All New Legends of the Dark Knight Volume One.


The book openes with Batman (over a montage of images from Volume One) talking about how it has been 6 months since he first donned the cape and cowl. His wife, Jessica's, view on Batman is still that he is a dangerous criminal. Recently, Vicki Vale has begun to stage muggings in order to try and lure him out for an exclusive. Gordon's anti-vigilante task force has not gotten any closer to catching him and Gordon's second in command, a man named Branden, is becoming ever more zealous in his efforts.

The book then cuts to an image of a man sprinting over the roof of Gotham Memorial hospital before coming to the edge. Turning around, he sees nobody and sighs with relief, before Batman reaches up over the railing and pulls him over. Batman identifies the man as Roberth Thorne, son of the late Rupert Thorne, who was recently murdered and left with a grin cut into his face. Batman then notes that before Rupert's murder, a large weapons shipment was diverted to a man known only as "The Joker". Batman then talks about how he traced the transaction back to Robert. Batman demands to know who the Joker is, and Robert (who Batman has learned is afraid of heights) sobs that he doesn't know an pleads to be released. Delivering the classic "if you insist" line before dropping him and then launching his spare Batclaw to catch him and haul him back up. Batman asks again if Robert knows who the Joker is, and this time recieves an answer; Robert doesn't know who he is, but does know that the weapons are being sent to a warehouse formerly owned by ACE chemicals. Batman thanks Robert for his time before letting go of the ledge, leaving Robert hanging and grapples up onto a nearby gargoyle.

From the gargoyle, Batman asks Alfred to send Captain Gordon the whereabouts of Robert Thorne and the evidence that he was behind an illegal weapons shipment. Alfred complies, and tells him that Jessica has phoned and will not be returning home until early in the morning. Batman mutters "just like every other night", before leaping off and gliding towards the Bowery.

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