Arkham Asylum is an arena in Batman Superheroes. It is Scarecrow's stage.

Stage Moves

  • Psycho (Refference to the movie of the same name) - The enemy turns around, and the player grabs a knife, and slashes there back
  • Breakout! - The player grabs a detonator then presses the button on it. A bunch of patients then escape and viciously attack the foe.


  • There are white walls with blood stains on them.
  • There are light brown doors.
  • One blood stain is shaped like the Superman logo.
  • The 2 doors are actually cells. One reads "Mr. Zsasz", and one reads "Great, White, and Gone" (a refference to Great White Shark, possibly meaning he broke out).
  • The floors are turquoise with scratches in them.



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