Avalon is the ninth episode and mid-season finale of The Young Knight season 1.



  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the building)

  • int. CEO office

(Cuts inside the office to see Wilden relaxing in his chair and sees a file about a top secret, lost project that was kept under the doors of the company)

Robin: (He looks in the file and closes it quickly knowing it could even further damage the relationship between him and Bruce, so he drops the closed file on his desk)

(The camera sees the file as we see “PROJECT AVALON... TOP SECRET” as the label)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to see the view of the building then a close-up view as we see Victor’s office window and he is looking through it)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts to see Victor looking at the view of Gotham through his big glass window)

(As he look at the city, we see Dr. Birch, a German-English speaking doctor also carrying a huge case)

Dr. Birch: Sir, the pre-status of the project is complete!

(Victor turns around)

Victor: Do you have it?

Dr. Birch: (He opens his big case and reaches in there to hold a slim, metal container with a see-through glass covering and in it is a rare, blue crystal) Here you go?

Victor: (Holding the container and is starting to a have sinister smile) At last over six years, I been trying to find this and now, with this our goal will be complete.

Dr. Birch: And Project Avalon will be alive and well like it used to be.

Victor: Good job doctor, continue with the status I want a full report every two hours.

Dr. Birch: Yes sir. (He turns around and walks out)

(We see Victor walking back at the window while holding the container fill with the Blue crystal)

Victor: (To himself as he looks at the skies) Now partner, I wonder what you saying right now...our dreams will finally be accomplished and with this the world will change. (Smiling sinisterly)

(Shifts to a close up view to the container as we see the crystal glowing)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as we see Bruce coming downstairs after waking up, and as he turns to head to the kitchen he hears the door knocking)

Bruce: (Opening the door to see a man in a black suit)

Man: You’re Bruce Wayne?

Bruce: Yeah, why?

Man: (Giving him a message) All I was sent here to do is to send you it and it will show you the rest.

Bruce: (Looking at the message as we see “Bruce Wayne” on it and he notices it’s feminine handwriting) So, can you least tell me...(As he looks up to see the man, we notice he’s gone) ...your name? (He then closes the door)

Alfred: (Appearing from the kitchen) Master Bruce, who was that at the door?

Bruce: (Trying not to tell him about the message) was just the paperboy waiting for his tip for the week.

Alfred: Oh, alright, your breakfast is on the dining room table...get it while is hot. (Walking back to the kitchen)

Bruce: (We see him not letting Alfred know, he opens the letter to see a message as he reads) “Bruce, I need to see you come to the Heights subdivision...your life depends on it...signed L.T” (He closes the note, and realizes it might be Gina or somebody else knows about him)

(Fades out)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext Manor - Porch.

(Cuts back to see the view of the manor then we see Leo walking to the porch as Bruce is already waiting for him)

Leo: So what’s up?

Bruce: You’re the first person that have seen this besides me.

Leo: And what’s that?

Bruce: (Giving him the note he had earlier) Read that.

Leo: (Reading the note) Whoa...who’s L.T? Who knows it might be LaDainian Tomlinson asking you for a autograph.

Bruce: This is not funny, I need to know whose is this person...and by the way it’s a she.

Leo: Oh!

Bruce: It just I have a feeling it might be Gina trying to win my affections all over again.

Leo: Well she do have a act of using faking a identity. Whoever is this LT might not want to be found.

Bruce: Well, they so desperately want to want me.

Leo: So are you considering to go?

Bruce: I have to if you didn’t check the note, it says my life could depend on it. So I don’t know about you, but I have to do this.

Leo: And you kept this from Alfred?

Bruce: Yeah. Listen, let me use your car while you stay here. If Alfred ask where I went...

Leo: Just say you’re getting ice cream.

Bruce: Well not what I wanted to say, but just keep him occupy.

Leo: He has a huge manor to clean, and you say for me to watch him.

Bruce: Please?!

Leo: Alright. (Giving him the keys and the note) Please take care of my car.

Bruce: Trust me, your car is the least in my mind. (Heading to the Leo’s Malibu )

Leo: Take care of it please!

(We see the car pulling out of the driveway; then shifts to Alfred opening the door to see Leo standing on the porch and his car driving off)

Alfred: Where’s Master Bruce going?

Leo: (Seeing Alfred then whispering to himself) Here we go!

(Cuts off to see Leo)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the building)

  • Int. Lab Development

(Cuts downstairs to the labs as we Lucius is working furiously on piecing out the clues he received in the past few months and now he must consider what the numbers 1 and 2 mean)

Lucius: (Typing something on his computer, as he types in all the clues...and when uses a unique experimental program, that the company was saving for years, he discovers a common thread in all referenced the era of the great kings and then he sees the puzzlebox and realizes it looks like King Arthur’s Round Table and that’s when it hits him. Most of the clues lure to the Arthurian legend and realizes something when the puzzlebox points to another clue “Resting Place”; he discovers that its talking about only one thing...Avalon)

(We see Lucius types Avalon in the company’s database and all of the sudden it shows information about a different shows Wayne Industries have created a secret, lost project and the lead creator was Thomas Wayne)

Lucius: (Shock to know most of the clues points to Avalon and Thomas has created a project where he name it Avalon; he soon gets his phone out and is calling someone) Hey...remember that thing I told you about last week well I have news for you..there’s more.

(Cuts off to Lucius talking on the phone to someone, we think is his partner)

  • Int. CEO office

(Cuts upstairs the office to see Wilden working and arranging files until he see Victor from the far side)

Robin: I glad you came.

Victor: Yeah, you called me saying its important.

Robin: Yeah, it is.

Victor: So, what is it?

Robin: I discovered a file from Tom’s hidden safe and when I read it, it described some sort of project.

Victor: And you called me for this?

Robin: No, I also discovered not only Tom’s signature was on it, yet yours was also found in this one.

Victor: Maybe it’s a mistake.

Robin: A mistake that happen ten years ago...ironically the same year Tom died along with Martha.

Victor: What are you trying to say?

Robin: I’m trying to say that you and Tom both created this project...

Victor: Preposterous!

Robin: Oh, yeah explain the last few weeks you had acquired several sub-atomic machines for a project your company codename Avalon. Weird, because your and Tom’s project was also called Avalon.

Victor: I have to go. (About to leave)

Robin: And that’s why you also submitted a entry in your company’s diary...a blue crystal. I hope it’s not the same blue crystal we been trying to find thirteen years ago.

Victor: (Not saying a word)

Robin: I’m guessing you and Tom worked on this secret project way before he died.

Victor: This is none of you business!

Robin: I make it my businesses as this garbage can link back to this company and eventually tarnish Tom’s good name for what holding on a thirteen-year old project.

Victor: For your information, Project Avalon was dead and buried when Thomas died...and I don’t think resurrecting a failed project will make a tarnish record for a person who main purpose was to protect this city.

Robin: Well whatever you doing needs to stop.

Victor: Or what, you going to sick my own son at me!? I have to go.

Robin: Hold up! (Pressing a button on his phone) Susie, call Jackson their’s someone that needs a formal exit.

Victor: (Wanting to get even) Two can play this game. (He leaves as Jackson escorts him out)

(We see Robin still wondering about that project as well as the possibility of Thomas’ record being tarnish)

  • Ext. Old Abandoned City Warehouse

(Cuts to a view of the warehouse)

  • Int. Lobby

(Cuts inside as we see Jason entering the room and then walks closer until he trips on himself)

Jason: Ouch!

Julie: (Walking in from the back) Jason? (Seeing his foot) Are you okay?

Jason: Yeah, nothing can put me down (as he starts to walk, he stumbles on his left foot until Julie helps him balance both feet) Thanks!

Julie: Guess your “nothing can put me down” routine was a little too much.

Jason: (Smiling, but in pain because of his foot)

Julie: Come sit...

(They both are sitting down)

Julie: Let me get you some ice. (Heading to the back)

Jason: You don’t have to...

(A minute later, she comes back with a towel filled with ice)

Julie: I want to unless you go around the city with a bad foot.

Jason: (Smiling) So how’s the club doing? Sorry I didn’t help you lately because I was busy.

Julie: It’s okay, because...(not to slip his father’s name as the person whose been helping her) I already have someone who’s doing it.

Jason: Ah, a mystery benefactor. I wonder who he is.

Julie: You’ll be surprised.

Jason: I heard that Gina Faust left last week and weird, it happened at the same time of your kidnaping.

Julie: Don’t remind me.

Jason: Well not to dwell in the past, let’s see how about you and Bruce.

Julie: We’re just friends.

Jason: That’s what he said.

Julie: And ironically he’s right. (Remembering something) Oh, I forgot I have to head to the bank...

Jason: You go, I’ll babysit it when you come back.

Julie: Thanks!

(As she reaches to hug him, she hits his left foot)

Jason: Ouch!!!

Julie: (Seeing him) Ooo, I’m sorry. I guess I should go. (Heading out)

Jason: Don’t worry about me, I’ll take good care of it.

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Ext. Gotham City - Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts to see the city then on a street corner we see the same man, who gave Bruce the message, calling up someone)

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts to a darkened room as we see a female hand reaching the telephone and picking it up and we see the phone in a close up view of her face, part covered in the dark, as we only see her chin and lips)

  • Ext. Phone Booth

(Cuts back to the booth)

Man: (Talking on the phone) I successfully deliver the message.

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts back to the room then the partially close up view of her chin and lip as she shakes her head)

  • Ext. Phone Booth

(Cuts back to the booth)

Man: What now? (Minutes later) Just wait...alright. I will do that, but what about Mr. Wayne...

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts back to the room then the partially close up view of her chin and lip as we finally hear a voice)

Woman: I’ll take care of him.

  • Ext. Phone Booth

(Cuts back to the booth)

Man: Understood. (He hangs up and leaves)

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts back to the room then the partially close up view of her chin and lip as we see the phone hanging up and we shift back to see her face as she smirks)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Old Abandoned City Warehouse

(Cuts to again to a view of the warehouse)

  • Int. Lobby

(Cuts inside as we see Jason relaxing on the chairs, and we see a shadowy figure which Jason sees him) Jason: Dad?

(The camera reveals to be Victor)

Victor: Son...

Jason: What are you doing here?

Victor: Exactly the same thing I was about to say to you.

Jason: I’m here to watch over the club when Julie comes back.

Victor: (Seeing his left foot) Maybe you doing more than babysitting.

Jason: (Notices his bruised foot) Why are you here anyway dad?

(Before Victor says anything, we see Julie returns just to see Victor is in here)

Victor: (Seeing her) Ms. Madison.

Julie: (Not surprised that Victor is here)

Jason: Sorry Julie, that my dad is here. I tried to keep this club safe.

Julie: Don’t worry, Mr. Powers isn’t doing anything wrong.

Victor: (Smiling and looking around the place) I wonder when is this going to be open?

Julie: Well focus on another financial check, it will be opens sometime next week. (Seeing how Victor is playing his son, as he knows he is helping her and he is the mysterious benefactor)

Jason: If you need help for that check, I can help you.

Victor: Don’t worry about that son, you have another problem to deal with.

Jason: What’s that suppose to mean?

Victor: Don’t ask me, why won’t you tell Wilden.

Jason: (Feeling his father is doing something or Wilden done something to think about) I’m sorry Julie, but I have to go.

Julie: You’re sure?

Jason: I can handle my foot... hope you do good with your opening. (Leaving)

Victor: So, how’s the reports on Starlix.

Julie: (Giving him the files of Starlix) I went to the location you told me to go. I had to lie to Jason that I had to go to the bank.

Victor: It’s okay, it’s just that I never knew you would go this far.

Julie: This is my life I don’t want to keep lying to my friends.

Victor: In order for Starlix not to hurt you again, you need to this. Keep lying to them until this threat goes down.

Julie: And when is that?

Victor: (Saying while hearing his beeper) Maybe by the time of your club’s grand opening...(seeing Bradson’s title) I need to go, so keep doing the good work as well as I do the same for you. (Leaving)

Julie: (Saying to herself) This isn’t good.

(We see him leaving as we see Julie doubting everything she is doing for her club’s opening)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the building)

  • Int. Lab Development

(Cuts downstairs to the labs as we Lucius working on his computer as he sees Det. Alder)

Lucius: Megan, nice to see you..

Det. Alder: Cut the small talk.

Lucius: What’s wrong?

Det. Alder: I’m your partner, and you just telling me there’s something big I should know.

Lucius: Here.

Det. Alder: (Reading the file Lucius gave her) Project Avalon. What is this?

Lucius: It’s a project that Wayne Industries thought to be extinct years ago, but now I wonder why this puzzlebox is giving clues leading to a thirteen-year old project.

Det. Alder: Maybe the clues is telling you something that is within the project. Who are the masterminds of the project.

Lucius: Victor Powers....

Det. Alder: Not surprise.

Lucius: ...and (Hesitating) Thomas Wayne.

Det. Alder: Mr. Wayne?

Lucius: I was confused at first, but something about these clues is showing me the way to the final clue.

Det. Alder: And do you know this final clue?

Lucius: No, but I do know the numbers 1 and 2 are the only clues left these can lead to the final clue.

Det. Alder: You’re sure?

Lucius: Positive.

(We see Alder kind of confused and then Lucius confident)

  • Int. CEO office

(Cuts upstairs to the office as we see Wilden on the phone with someone)

Robin: (On th phone) Listen, tell me where you find Victor and I will pay you off.

Man (Phone): Yes sir.

Robin: Bye (Hangs up)

(We see Jackson entering sir)

Robin: Jackson?

Jackson: Sir, a Jason Powers wants you.

Robin: He’s here. (Getting up)

Jackson: No sir. He’s on the line... 4.

Robin: (Picking up his phone and press the button numbered 4)

(Jackson leaves as Robin is still on the phone)

Robin: Hello?

Jason (Phone): We need to talk.

Robin: For what?

Jason (Phone): This is personal.

(Robin confused on what Jason just said)

  • Ext. Alpine Warehouse

(Cuts to a view of a abandoned military warehouse; inside the camera sees construction of a modern laboratory as we see huge machines being built)

(We see Victor and Bradson walking together)

Bradson: Sir, Dr. Birch is reporting the crystal is undergoing several tests.

Victor: Very good. How about the transversely machines.

Bradson: They will be finished once they are set up straight.

Victor: Good.

Bradson: The final stages of the project are about to start pre-wise in 2 hours.

Victor: (Seeing his phone) Continue your work, I need to check on something. Call me back once the final stage is complete. (Walking away)

Bradson: (Looking at his boss then around the site seeing the machines being setting up and Project Avalon is about to be reborn)

  • Ext. The Heights Subdivision - House

(Cuts to see the manor as we see the Malibu pulling by a two-story house as Bruce exits the car, he sees a paper with his name on it; he then reads the other side as it reads “Come In”; Bruce opens the front door)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as Bruce enters and sees a nice interior then he walks towards the living room as he sees a lady siting on her couch)

Woman: (Her head is in the back) I been waiting for you...(Turning around with long dark brunette hair to see him)

Bruce: Who are you?

Woman: I’m Leslie Thompkins...and I know your father.

(Bruce gets confused as we shifts back to her)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. The Heights Subdivision - Leslie’s House

(Cuts to the house again)

  • Int. Living Room

(Cuts to see Bruce sitting in a chair right across from Leslie)

Leslie: Want some tea?

Bruce: No you must be...

Leslie: It’s Leslie,.Leslie Thompkins.

Bruce: Well, Leslie, I have to go...

Leslie: You stay. Please Bruce.

Bruce: Okay, how you know my name; and weird how you know my father.

Leslie: It’s been a while, but I’m your godmother. Before your parents died, I was a personal friend to the family. Your dad and I helped each other, and since he died, I promise him I will watch over you. Thomas didn’t want Alfred to watch you for long, so sometimes I’m was there to protect you.

Bruce: Wait a minute. (Remembering) I did remember you when I was 8.

Leslie: I helped Alfred a lot with you, but...

Bruce: When I turned 10, you grew distant.

Leslie: Yeah, after you turned 10, I left. I had to go to Metropolis, because I felt you had everything you needed your friends and Alfred. Since then until now, I was watching over you from a far distance.

Bruce: And now you suddenly wants to come back and watch me over again. I wonder why you said my life was in danger.

Leslie: It was or should I say your family’s legacy.

Bruce: What are you talking about?

Leslie: I brought you here because there is something I need to tell you.

Bruce: Tell me now.

(Leslie putting out a folder and gives it to him)

Leslie: Read it, and then tell me why?

Bruce: (After reading it) What’s this for?

Leslie: Wayne Industries had a long, thought to be extinct project but...

Bruce: How long is extinct?

Leslie: It lasted thirteen years.

Bruce: Wait that long, and someone wants to resurrect it? Who? Why?

Leslie: The project was known as Avalon and the purpose for this was because of a crystal.

Bruce: How you know about all of this?

Leslie: (Hesitating) Your father was the one of the creators of the project.

Bruce: (realizing it) What? How can that be?

Leslie: He was a businessman, Bruce, he wanted to do this.

Bruce: said he was one of the creators, who is the other?

Leslie: The other creator is Victor.

Bruce: (Surprised) Victor Powers, I should have figure.

Leslie: Bruce, you need to know they were best friends back then, but someway it was the cause of their breaking friendship.

Bruce: This Project Avalon cause their breakup.

Leslie: I think so, yet there is another thing Bruce.

Bruce: What’s that?

Leslie: After your father given up on the project, Victor didn’t want to end it, yet somehow...I hope I’m wrong...this project may have something to do with your father’s death.

Bruce: (Taking all of this) Victor knew about this all along.

Leslie: I don’t know, the last time I seen him he was giving up the project as well the last thing he tells me to watch over you if something bad happen. That was the last time I saw or heard of your father...then the next time I seen him he was...

Bruce: (Knowing she was talking about his parent’s murder) I know.

Leslie: I’m sorry Bruce, sorry I failed...

Bruce: You didn’t failed. Victor knew what happened after Project Avalon was disbanded years ago and he knows something about my father’s death; I’m going make him tell me. (Starting to leave)

Leslie: Bruce, please don’t do anything stupid.

Bruce: I’m not, I just need to know the truth. (Heading out the door)

Leslie: (Sensing Bruce is going to be in danger, she gets up and is starts doing something)

(Cuts off Leslie leaving in the back)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside to study as we see Alfred bringing in tea, as he soon joins Leo)

Alfred: How long is Master Bruce going to be just to get ice cream?

Leo: He said after getting ice cream, he felt he needed a drive...I hope my car is okay.

Alfred: Wondering about your car too much, feels something is not right.

Leo: No, Alfred, Bruce is fine. Everything is alright.

Alfred: Are you sure?

Leo: Trust me.

Alfred: (Hearing the doorbell) I’ll get that. (Heading to the foyer)

Leo: (Feeling hungry) I’ll be in the kitchen.

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as Alfred hears the door and opens it)

Alfred: (Opening the door) Who is this?

Leslie: Me, silly. (Smiling)

Alfred: (Remembering that smile) Leslie, you old you.

Leslie: Not old enough.

Alfred: Why are you here?

Leslie: I need to talk to you about Bruce.

Alfred: (Confused little)

Leslie: He might be in danger...serous danger.

Alfred: (Turned confused into stunned)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts back to the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts back inside to the study as we see Alfred and Leslie sitting down while drinking tea)

Alfred: How’s the tea?

Leslie: (Drinking) Lovely as always...but you forgot one thing.

Alfred: Oh my, I forgot a tidbit...

Leslie: Of nutmeg. (Smiling) I always remember Martha fixing us this type of tea when it was a good day.

Alfred: Yeah the good old days. (Smiling back) I was wondering, where have you been all this time?

Leslie: I been in a small loft in Metropolis, enough distance for me to keep an eye on Bruce.

Alfred: I know the distances between Metropolis and Gotham, it’ll be a three hour scoping range to watch over Master Bruce.

Leslie: Oh, Alfred, I felt that I can’t keep holding my eyes everywhere he goes. I have a life myself, but I...

Alfred: Promise Master Thomas to keep my best interest on Bruce.

Leslie: Guess you see the true reason why I left.

Alfred: I still don’t get it.

Leslie: You Alfred, I knew you are the only one that can take care of Bruce, and I was just a three-hour distance away.

Alfred: Are you going to stay for good here in Gotham?

Leslie: I don’t know.

Alfred: (reconciling about Bruce) Now hate to break this good pact with us, but I need to know what kind of trouble Bruce is in that seems so serious.

Leslie: I can’t say because Thomas tells me not to conflict anything he keeps between me and him that is not about Bruce.

Alfred: Well, wherever he is I hope he’s okay.

(We see Julie entering from the foyer)

Julie: Hello?

Alfred: In here, Ms. Julie.

(Julie enters the study room to see Alfred and a woman)

Julie: Hello!

Leslie: You must be Julie, I’m Leslie Thompkins. Bruce been mentioning about you.

Julie: He did?! (Suddenly snaps out of it) I was wondering where is he I need to tell him something.

Alfred: I don’t know when he’s going to come back.

Julie: Oh, okay, I was just leaving anyway,

Alfred: (Feeling sorry)

(Julie, wanted to tell Bruce about her partnership, just as she decides is getting ready for a car, so tries to get to the front door as we see Leo coming from the kitchen grabbing a apple and a half-bitten sandwich..)

Leo: (Still eating) Can’t believe it, Julie?.

(We see Julie already left as we see Leo wondering and going back to the kitchen)

Leslie: Wow, guess the kids have our kind of spunk years ago.

Alfred: They should do. I hope Master Bruce is alright.

Leslie: I hope so too.

(Cuts of to the both of them)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the view of the building)

  • Int. CEO Office

(Cuts to the office as we see Wilden waiting for Jason Powers to enter; soon we see Victor)

Victor: Well, well, thought I was Jason huh.

Robin: The thought came to me.

Victor: I’ll make sure you will never interfere in my son’s life ever again.

Robin: Just as much you’re hiding about your little pact with a high schooler and your interesting renewal to Project Avalon.

Victor: (Realizing he knew about this secret partnership with Julie) Why you son of a ... (He all of the sudden punches Wilden)

(Wilden stumbles on his balance, and bounces back)

Robin: (Getting mad, he spears Victor to the ground)

(The camera notices them on the ground rolling back and forth and then we notice Jason entering the scene as he sees the scuffle)

Jason: What are you two doing?

Victor: Son

Robin: Jason

Jason: I’m out (Leaving wait)

Victor: Son, wait

Robin: (About to follow Jason)

Victor: (Pushes him into his desk and threatens him) Don’t you ever be in my son’s life ever again, if so, I will kill you (Pushes him again and follows his son)

(We see Wilden trying to forget everything)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to see Jason about to head to the elevators until Victor stops him)

Victor: Son wait

Jason: Why?

Victor: I can change.

Jason: Why won’t you just go and get out of my life and take Wilden with you... (He enters a open elevator)

Victor: Son... please, I love you

Jason: (Screaming) I HATE YOU (The elevator door closes and goes down)

(We see a disappointing Victor, but he soon notices his beeper is beeping “FINAL STAGE COMPLETE...PROJECT IN PROGRESS ”, his frown about his son’s rejecting love turns into a sinister smile)

Victor: Let it begin!

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the view of the building again)

  • Int. Lab Development

(Cuts to the labs again as we see Lucius telling Det. Alder something troubling)

Det. Alder: What’s the matter?

Lucius: I discovered that two recent clues I been trying to find out belongs together and the numbers 1 and 2.

Det. Alder: What?

Lucius: (Showing her a piece of paper that has the two separate words together) Rebix and Cabula is actually…

Det. Alder: Rebix Cabula forms one compound meaning. What does that mean?

Lucius: Whatever it is, I’m going to find out.

(Cuts off to them)

  • Int. CEO office

(Cuts inside as we see Wilden about to finish his last reports until he sees his bodyguard)

Robin: Jackson, what do you want…I never asked you for a raise?

Jackson: I’m doing my business…sir, just doing my job. (The camera shifts to when he pulls out a silencer and fires three rounds)

(The camera views two shots to his chest and one on top of his forehead; Wilden collapses his head on the table dead; shift back to Jackson as he pull out his phone)

Jackson: (Talking to probably his real boss) The mole is now eliminated. (He leaves)

(The camera glances at him leaving at a slight-far distance as we see Wilden’s helpless body sloughing on the couch)

  • Int. Alpine Warehouse

(Cuts again to see the warehouse then inside we see the project Avalon continuing to happen, as we notice Dr. Birch, Bradson, and non other than Victor surveying the process)

Dr. Birch; Project Avalon is in its full capacity.

Victor: Good

Bradson: The crystal is locked and secured sir. Dr. Birch: The only setback is that the crystal needs to be stylized for at least an hour.

Victor: Make it quick.

Dr. Birch: Yes sir, (leaving out the door in order to find the necessary parts; yet the bluish-silver crystal is laid on a table)

Victor: Make sure, he’s doing his job.

Bradson: Yes sir. (Heading out)

Victor: (Basking in the glory of the project being finally completed)

(The open door leads to Bruce appearing with so much anger and in total shock of Victor)

Victor: Bruce…

Bruce: (So angry, he sucker punches him)

Victor: (Falls on the table, unbeknownst knocking the crystal off the table, and then is surprised at his behavior) Son, what is the problem?

Bruce: I’m not your son…and… (He throws him across the room) you’re not my father Victor: (Taking a handful of a beating) Bruce, why are you doing this?

Bruce: (Angry as know what) Why (He starts punches Victor) That’s why (He punches again) You know the truth! Tell me! (Punches again) TELL ME!

Victor: (The camera views him blooded from the raging punches) I don’t know!

(The camera sees Bruce almost about to punch Victor again until he sees the bluish-sliver crystal, and when he is about to reach it Victor tries to stop him. Bruce grabs one end as Victor grabs the other end of the crystal, but the camera views the crystal glowing and all of a sudden the crystal starting blasting waves where all of the machines are being destroyed, the building is collapsing, and shifts back to when the crystal blast each of the men in opposite ways and it soon ends with a flashing white light covering the whole screen and we…)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]

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