Knights Season One
Preceded by:
Awakening (Part One) Succeded by:
Awakening (Part Two)
Quote1 Where's the Batman? Quote2
Harley Quinn


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • East End Enforcers
    • "Crusher" Dixon
    • "Pain" Penelope
    • "Ripper" Rowley
    • Delirium
    • Darque
  • the Mortician
  • Joker (Flashback Only)

Solicit Synopsis

It was a perpetual cycle, with only occasional variations- Batman vs. the Joker, Batman vs. the Riddler, with Batman nearly always standing victorious. Harley Quinn knew she wasn't a big gun, but foudn herself clinically insane due to an unforseen affection. But then, it all changed. Harley Quinn wakes up from an Anti-Joker toxin one year later- only to find the batman deceased and Gotham in ruins.



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