Azrael is a vigilante who appears in Batman: Arkham Forever. His costume in the game is a combo of his blue Batman suit and his red Azrael suit.



Real Name:
Jean Paul Valley
First Appearance:
Batman: Arkham Forever

(Batman: Sword of Azrael #1)

After The City


Azael during the events of Arkham City

In the limited sereis "Arkham: After The City", Michael Laine was revealed to be Jean Paul Valley in disguise, thanks to stolen items from Hush, master of disguise. It was revealed by Hush himself that Valley was posing as Laine. Valley was then hunted down by Laine, who was outraged. Laine lost Valley after 3 months of tracking him. 2 months later, Valley created a new suit and wore that. He hid under Blackgate Prison and snuck down some food from time to time. With him was Ratcatcher and The Chechen, who were also hiding out, for different reasons. They made a camping ground and, despite there hatred for one another, they all amde a pact that if one got caught, they would all fess up and stick together until they can stop hiding.One night, TYGER Guards found them, and they were all arrested, besides Azrael, who broke the pact and espcaped. He went back to giving villains some justice, and never once returned to Blackgate Prison.

Arkham Forever

Coming soon!

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