Bane appears as a playable character in Batman Superheroes. His stage is Blackgate Prison.


  • Bane Punch (Signature) - Bane punches the enemy in the stomach so hard they fly into the air, and, hwile there in the air, Bane grabs a prison guard that runs up, and throws him at the enemy in the air.
  • Break You! (Finisher) - Bane picks up the enemy and breaks there back on his knee, then throws them in the air and watches them crash through the wall and scream in pain.


  • Originally, Bane was supposed to have Venom Tubes on his back.
  • Banes gloves have spikes on the nuckles.
  • Bane has red glowing eyes, his profile on the game says its because of the Venom.
  • Bane's boots are light black, and his pants are dark black.


"Bane is a former prisoner from Spane, who volunteered for a super-drug called Venom. The drug made him super strong and made his eyes glow red. He is also smarter and faster. His personal goal is to take over Gotham and defeat The Batman."



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