"Having an adept and highly-tuned mind is one thing - but to possess the strength of a god is so much better!" -- Bane

Alias The Man Who Broke The Bat, Il Diablo, Patient X
Real Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human/Mutant (when injected with Venom)
Status Alive
Location Gotham City
Enemies Batman

An orphaned boy forced to live out his deceased father's life sentence in a hellish Columbian prison, the child that would be Bane spent his life strengthening his mind and will to survive the harsh conditions of prison life. He was then acquired by corrupt US Military scientists in his adulthood to test their experimental 'super-steroid', Venom. The experiment was successful, but the serums worked too well on Bane and became a nigh-unstoppable criminal mastermind and escaped the prison and fled to America. He would then settle in Gotham and soon match wits and brute strength with Batman.




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