Bane was a boy forced to serve his father's life sentenence. He uses the chemical Venom to enhance his strength.

Character Type


Special Attacks

Rock Throw-Bane throws a rock at his opponent

Titan Charge-Bane charges at his opponent

Venom Injection-Bane pumps venom into his body, making him stronger

Super Attacks

Level 1-Ground Smash-Bane smashes his fist into the ground

Level 2-Raging Throw-Bane swings his opponent around, then throws them into a wall

Level 3-Titan Smash-Bane grabs his opponent, jumps into the air, and smashes his opponent's head into the ground

Finishing Moves

Broken-Bane snaps his opponent's spine over his knee, then steps on their head

Bat is dead 9 by saintyak-d2ckda0


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