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Barbara Gordon
Barbara Gordon
Physical description




Batgirl, Catgirl (formerly)

Eye color(s)


Hair color



5ft, 5in (165cm)



Biographical information


November 8th, 1990


Masked vigilante

Political information


Batman, Catwoman (formerly)


Nolanverse (AKA The Dark Knight Universe)


Niece and adoptive daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Drew Gordon is a masked vigilante and sidekick of the famed hero known as Batman. Originally the abused daughter of the alcoholic brother of James Gordon, Nathaniel Gordon, Barbara was put in care of her uncle, who was extremely strict of Barbara and treated her as his own daughter. As Barbara grew up, she became a Wayne Industries employee and eventually gained enough funds to go on a trip to Blüdhaven for 2 years, coincidentally missing the events of the League of Shadows' gassing of Gotham and The Joker's killings. After returning from Blüdhaven, Barbara became fascinated with Batman and had done research on him in her apartment in Gotham, eventually in 4 years, deducing Batman's identity to Bruce Wayne. But, however, Barbara wasn't confident enough to fully believe Bruce Wayne to be Batman and kept the information to herself.

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