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Batclaw is an ongoing DC comic book, created by Zeon Adams. It is part of the New 52 event, and is also tied into the Batman Incorporated storyline.


When Bruce Wayne was born, his godparents were Felicia and Alex Crowne. Several years later, they too had a son, Kyle Crowne. He and Bruce became close friends, with Kyle only just below Thomas Elliot. However, one fateful night, Bruce Wayen's parents were murdered, ending his childhood forever. At the graveside, Kyle swore to Bruce that he would help him discover who killed his parents.

Many years later, Bruce Wayne has become the Batman, and following the defeat of Mangrove Pierce, AKA Dr. Simon Hurt, Wayne has launched Batman Incorporated. Not forgetting his godbrother Kyle, now owner of Crowne Pharmaceutical, Bruce has taught one of his closest friends the art of crime fighting, and Kyle Crowne becomes the Batman of the coastal city Los Brezos, Batclaw!



  • Kyle Crowne/Batclaw- By day, Kyle Crowne leads Crowne Pharmaceutical, the leading medicine researcher in Los Brezos and Gotham City. By night, Kyle dons the costume of Batclaw. The Batclaw costume is a simple bodysuit, with white gloves and boods, a white chest piece that connects to a white shoulder piece, and a white full-head mask. Black outline around the eyepieces. A silver bat inlaid on the chestpiece. No cape. The rest of the uniform is black. First appearence: Batclaw #1.
  • Alex Mason- And old associate of Kyle, Alex plays chauffer, but also designs the numerous gadgets Kyle uses at Batclaw. First appearence: Batclaw #1
  • Detective Arnold Garrison- Batclaw's contact on the LBPD, Garrison has a Battrans, a transmitter which alerts Batclaw to danger in the cty. He often warns Batclaw that if evidence came out that Kyle Crowne was Batclaw, he would be the first to arrest him. First appearence- Batclaw #1
  • Alexa Ross- a crime investigator, she has an on/off relationship with Kyle Crowne, and has a sneaking suspicion of his identity as Batclaw, though she cannot prove it. She serves ast Detective Garrison's partner. First appearence: Batclaw #2
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman- a close friend of Kyle's, he alerted Kyle personally to the threat of the Court of Owls in Batclaw #5, and often serves as an advice-giver for Kyle in times of doubt. First appearence: Batclaw #1
  • Teatime- a terrorist who fights constantly against the LBPD, Teatime serves as the main villain until Batclaw #6. First appearence: Batclaw #1
  • Chapterhouse- a former Azrael, Chapterhouse seeks to purge Los Brezos of all sinners. The current villain. First appearence: Batclaw #6.


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