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"I promise Bruce... we'll find who did this. Toghether."
―Kyle Crowne

Batclaw #1: The Anarchist

Introducing the newest member of Batman Incorporated. A anarchist is loose on Los Brezos, and Batclaw encounters his first superhuman foe.

Transcript for "The Anarchist"

(Note: This is designed to be a comic book, but is written in drama format. Do not mistake the following for a television episode or otherwise. Try to visualize it as a comic book)

<The rain poors down on a young boy in front of a double grave. In the next panel, the grave is shown to read "THOMAS AND MARTHA WAYNE". Behind Bruce, another young boy, with brown hair but in a similar fashion, walks up behind him.>

KYLE CROWNE: <Steps up beside Bruce> B-bruce?

BRUCE: What do you want, Kyle?

KYLE: Well, since Tommy couldn't make it, I was thinking... maybe.. <Voice lowers> you could use some help.

BRUCE: <Looks up at the grave> I'm gonna get who killed them, Kyle. I know I am.

KYLE: You mean you're going to kill-

BRUCE: No. I want him to face justice.

<There is a long pause.>

KYLE: ....

BRUCE: ....

KYLE: ... I promise, Bruce... we'll find out who did this. Together.

<Cuts to modern day. Batclaw is standing on an outstretched gargoyle, on top of a high skyscraper. Los Brezos spreads out beneath him. In the distance, the beach can be seen. Batclaw is scanning the moving crowds below.>

ALEX'S VOICE: I still think this is a bad idea.

BATCLAW: Quit being such a woman. This'll be easy.

ALEX'S VOICE: How do you know that?

BATCLAW: It's simple. The police are laying a trap for this Teatime guy, and when he attacks them, I'll jump in and take him out.

ALEX'S VOICE: Considering he's evaded you for the past 12 weeks, forgive me if I don't have much hope in this working.

BATCLAW'S POV: Alex does have a point. I've been chasing Teatime for what feels like years now. I don't remember when I've had a good night of sleep, and I've got the board meeting tommorow. But Teatime's been killing police left and right, and as Detective Garrison is so happy to inform me, that's bad for buisness.

ALEX'S VOICE: Okay, a man in a old-fashioned coat is walking toward the perimeter...

<He looks down at the coated man, who walks right up to a policeman.>

POLICEMAN: Excuse me, sir, but this is a private-

<The man flings up his hands, and the cop and barricade are enveloped in red energy. They're hurled backward, crashing into a squad car.>

ALEX'S VOICE: Down there!

BATCLAW: NO DUH! <Leaps off, silver wings opening between his arms, allowing him to "fly" down towards Teamtime.> <POV> Alright. Just remember what Bruce told you. Pull feet forward, twist aro-

TEATIME: <Whips around, facing Batclaw heading toward him> Uh uh uh! No bats allowed! <He raises his hand, and Batclaw is gripped in blue energy.>

BATCLAW: <POV> This is going to be- <Is thrown towards a building> Ah, nuts, this is gonna- <Smashes through the wall, crashing into a unused living room> <Out loud> Grahh! <POV> Hurt.... darkness..... <Blackness covers the next panel.


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