This is a limited series about Batman taking on the power of Thor  to stop Joki and the recently released Dark Elves.

Issue 1: The Death of Thor!

In Asgard, Thor is fighting a squad of frost giants led by Ymir and being controlled by Loki. His powers are fading and his life force is weakening. He knows he won't last much longer so he sends Mjolnir to Earth, hoping that it will find someone worthy to possess the power of Thor. After Mjolnir is gone, he continues to fight the frost giants until he finally dies at the end of the issue.

Issue 2: A Worthy Wielder

Batman is fighting Man-Bat and Killer Croc, when suddenly, Mjolnir lands in the middle of the street. Killer Croc tries to lift it, but can't. Batman punches him in the face, and grabs Mjolnir which he can lift.

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