Batman:Shadow Of The Bat:Issue 1 was the first issue of Batman:Shadow Of The Bat and was published in June 2013 by DC Comics.It was written by James Wallace and illustrated by William Heaton and Craig Jones.


"New Foes,Part 1 of 9: Deadshot" -While at a policeman's dinner party in Gotham City,Dick Grayson and girlfriend Barbara Gordon,daughter of Jim Gordon,intercept a clue that points to the villain Deadshot,who had announced he was going to kill Commissioner Gordon tonight.Dick and Barbara leave and change into Batman and Batgirl,and they contact Damian Wayne,the current Robin,to meet up with them at the Gotham Central rooftop.There,the three meet up with Deadshot,who has Commissioner Gordon tied up to the Bat-Signal.After a brief fight,Deadshot reveals a new group of villains,"The Secret Six",and then proceeds to commit suicide by jumping off the roof.Batman then helps Commissioner Gordon,planning to later give chase to Deadshot.TO BE CONTINUED...


IGN gave the first issue a 9.7/10,praising it for using lesser known villains and the exceptional artwork.

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