A Dead Man is a new story arch in the Batman Comics. Starting in Streets of Gotham Volume 2 Issue 1, and going on in Streets of Gotham until Issue 12, then it went on in Shadow of the Bat for 3 issues, got its own comic, "A Dead Man Featuring Batman", then ended in The Red Hood: Walking Alone Volume 1 Issue 1. It introduces 3 villains: Rapunzel, The Ventriloquist III, and Robin Hood. Main Villains include Smile, Joker, Hsuh, Black Mask and Riddler.

Batman: A Dead Man


Batman: A Dead Man
Main Characters:
Batman, Red Hood, Smile, Joker, Black Mask, Hush
Preceded By:
Succeeded By:
Written By:


Rapunzel, Rapunzel

A psychotic kidnapper with a mysterious past is cornered by Batman in an abonded amusement park that looks identical to a princess's castle... except with blood stains, scratches on the walls and hungry wild dogs. Batman is about to strike but she whips her hair at him, which shocks him with electricity, making him fall to the ground. She jumps out the window, and Batman gets up to chase her. She jumps into a bumper car and drives off, only to get crashed into by the Batmobile, being driven by Nightwing. Nightwing tells the kidnapper to give up, and she screams "never!' Nightwing figures that she's nothing without her electronic hair, so he batarangs her flowing golden hair, making several strands of hair fly off into the wind. Nightwing jumps onto her bumper car from the Batmobile and struggles to push her out. She elbows him in the face, knocking him out of the car, and jumps onto one of the seats ont he ferris wheel, where she meets Batman and gasps. He tries tackling her, but the two fall off the ferris whee. Rapunzel pushes Batman out of the way and lands on a bouncy house, and Batman lands on a cotton candy stand, breaking both the rotten wooden thing with jars of moldy cotton candy on, and arm. Rapunzel jumps onto a tea-cup on the spinning tea-cup ride and uses a pocket knife to cut it loose from the machine, causing it to spin out of control and crash in the parking lot, where she sneaks away. Later, Black Mask fills Gotham with riot after he says he's willing to pay the thug that kills Rapunzel. At the docks, Firefly and Killer Moth set a trap, by dressing Scarface up as a little girl. More to be added...

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