Arkham Breakout is the 3rd game in the Batman: Arkham series. It features the same gameplay as the previous Batman games except that this one also features one on one versus battles.


  1. "Who said LOVE is DEAD, you must be JOKING?"-Go to Wayne Tower and find Harley Quinn's room, then scan the shrine to The Joker.
  2. "This LADY of GOTHAM is always a symbol of JUSTICE!"-Go to The Docks and scan the statue of Lady Gotham.


The story starts at Arkham City, where Harley Quinn has just given birth to a baby with green hair and glowing green eyes...

The game fast fowards 6 years. The city of Gotham is celebrating a christmas parade in Gotham Square which Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake are both attending. Meanwhile two guards are monatoring the security cameras of Arkham City when there is a massive explosion in the wall and all the prisoners start to escape. The prisoners attack the parade and start taking hostages. Bruce and Tim quickly divert down an alley way and call in the bat wing which drops down their suits. They then proceed to fight the escaped criminals.

After beating the escapees in Gotham Square, the dynamic duo recieve a distress call from the GCPD building in Old Gotham saying that they are under attack before the line goes dead. The two head off to the GCPD and find that the police are missing except for Comisssioner Gordon who is being held hostage. After taking out the thugs Gordon tells Batman that the tugs were working for Black Mask and that the other police have been takne to The Docks. At The Docks, Batman confronts Black Mask who says that he is working for The Joker. After interrogating a few criminals Batman learns that The Joker is residing at Wayne Tower. Batman heads to Wayne Tower and fights his way to the board room where he beats Harley Quinn but is tazered from behind. Batman wakes up to find The Joker's son stood in front of him. Joker Jr explains that the Titan formula in his

"More to come soon!"

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