Death By A Stroke is a side-mission where you fight Deathstroke in S.T.A.R. Labs.


Batman gets a distress signal from S.T.A.R. Labs and travels there in the Batwing. He is shot out of the sky by thugs led by a mysterious assassin hired by Riddler. Batman accidently overhears Riddler and Deathstrokes ocnversation over the radio, and enters the building. Inside, he meets Red Robin, who is tied up to a rocket. Just then, Deathstroke appears on a big monitor, and locks Batman and Red Robin inside. Deathstroke tells Batman he has to find out the code in 15 minutes, or the rocket will launch into the sky and blow up, causing the chunks to fall out of the sky and explode. First, Batman must fight some Riddler thugs, then switch to detective mode and find parts of hte code scattered across the room. After putting the parts of the code together in the right order, the doors open and Batman unties Red Robin, and Deathstroke fakely worries, then tells Batman he has more tricks up his sleeve. After walking into the hall, more Riddler thugs attack. Batman switches to detective mode and scans theyre bodies, seeing that they each have tiny round things with Deathstrokes head painted on them. Scanning every one of the round things unlocks a Cluemaster challenge and gives Batman info that Deathstroke did not tell the thugs what they were, and that they are bombs, that will explode in 2 minutes. Batman and Red Robin run off as the bombs explode. Entering the room that Martian Manhunter was kept when he first came to Earth, Batman and Red Robin are shocked to see Talia Al Ghul's body. Scanning it answers one of Riddlers riddles and unlocks a Cluemaster challenge. Looking up at the dry erase board, Batman sees that the doctor in the room the most was one of Deathstrokes old employers, Donald Armling. Just then, Deathstroke appears on a moniter in the hall behind Batman and Red Robin and gets theyre attention. He tells them he kidnapped Armling and that he has him tied up somwehere. Batman and Red Robin have to find Armling by switching to detective mode and finding Deathstrokes foot-prints. It leads the duo to an empty storage room, where it gets tricky. There is now several foot-prints, and if Batman follows the wrong ones, it leads him to a spot where a giant cage falls and traps them. If they follow the right ones, however, they find themselves trapped in a secret room full of test tubes, lab rats and... Riddler thugs. More to be added...

Preceded by:
The Investigation
Death By A Stroke (side-mission)
Succeeded by:
Riddle Me This

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