Batman: Arkham Universe is the 4th game in the Batman: Arkham Series, and takes place after Batman: Arkham City. It will once again be developed by Rocksteady Games, and will be releasing for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC on August 3, 2014, while their will be handheld/mobile versions of the game for the DS, 3DS, PSVita, Mobile Devices, and Android Devices on July 16, 2014.  


In Batman: Arkham Universe, you will once again be Batman, though this time, all the prisoners at Arkham have broken out and are hiding all around Gotham City. As Batman, you will have to go hunt them down, while trying to outrun new Gotham Police Commisioner Ellen Yindel, who has put a bounty on Batman. You'll also get help from Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and even other superheroes such as Superman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and more. Also, the city of Gotham is fully expanded, as you can free-roam through it and the area around it. Other villains are also expected to be in the game.


The game starts out rolling through time until 8 years after Arkham City. 2 Years after the events of Arkham City, Catwoman dies in a horrifying explosion that took out most of South Gotham. 5 Years after Arkham City, Jim Gordon is seriously wounded and is forced to retire. It has reached 8 years, where the game officially starts off. Ellen Yindel, a detective for the G.C.P.D., is offically announced as the new Commisioner of the Police Department. She then announces a bounty on Batman, $1,000,000,000 for the him, alive. Criminals such as Bane, Killer Croc, Penguin, The Riddler, and Mr.Freeze watch the announcement from their cells at Arkham, while 2 mysterious figures watches from a luxurious home, one of which is later to be revealed as Ra's Al Ghul.  

Downloadable Content:

For Downloadable Content, there will be numerous missions, challenges, and costumes for several characters. As Batman, you will be able to get the Blackest Night costume, the Sinestro Corps costume, the Azrael Costume, and even the Flashpoint Costume. For Pre-Orders, if you pre-order from Gameshop/EB Games, you will be able to get Red Son Batman, Caveman Batman, and Dark Knight Rises Batman. Pre-Order from Wal-Mart, and you will get Batman Beyond, Year One Batman. And if you pre-order from Best Buy, you will get Crime Syndicate Batman, Dick Grayson Robin, and Young Justice Nightwing. If you pre-order the game anywhere, you will be able to play as The Joker, Deathstroke, Ra's Al Ghul, and Bane, along with exclusive costumes and missions for them. Here is a list of all the costumes you can get.

Batman Beyond
Azrael Batman
Dark Knight Returns Batman
New 52 Batman
Earth One Batman
Year One Batman
Earth 2 Batman
Crime Syndicate Owlman
Red Son Batman
Dark Knight Rises Batman
Injustice Batman
Adam West Batman
Zurr-En-Arrh Batman
Animated Batman
Sinestro Corps Batman
Blackest Night Batman
Pirate Batman
Nightmare Batman

Gaslight Batman

Dick Grayson Batman
Flashpoint Batman
One Million Batman
Justice Batman
New 52 Nightwing
Injustice Nightwing
Animated Nightwing
Knightfall Nightwing

ROBIN(Tim Drake):

Dick Grayson Robin
Jason Todd Robin
Damian Wayne Robin
Cassie Kelly Robin
Red Robin
60's Robin
Animated Robin
New 52 Red Robin
BATGIRL(Barbara Gordon):
Cassandra Cain Batgirl
Stephanie Brown Batgirl
Animated Batgirl
New 52 Batgirl
Injustice Batgirl
Godfall Superman
Flashpoint Superman
New 52 Superman
Man Of Steel Superman
Kingdom Come Superman
Animated Superman
Red Son Superman
Blackest Night Superman
Crime Syndicate Ultraman
THE FLASH(Barry Allen):
New 52 Flash
Elseworld Flash
Crime Syndicate Johnny Quick
Blue Lantern Flash
Animated Flash
Classic Costume
New 52 Costume
Animated Costume
Arrow Costume
Smallville Costume
Classic Costume
New 52 Costume
Arrow Costume
Animated Costume
Smallville Costume
David Zavambe Costume
Lucius Fox Costume
The Killing Joke Costume
Injustice Costume
Arkham City Costume
New 52 Costume
Classic Costume
Dark Knight Costume
60's Batman TV Series Costume
New 52 Costume
Classic Costume
Arkham Origins Costume
Animated Costume
Injustice Costume
Arrow Costume
Animated Costume
Beware The Batman Costume
Batman Begins Costume
Animated Costume
Knightfall Costume
Modern Costume
New 52 Costume
Injustice Costume
Dark Knight Rises Costume

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