A prologue to countdown to destruction


sal maroni is beating up one of his enemies, when batman comes in through the window to ask him who he is beating up. sal says that its none of his buisness. then batman grabs the now ded body and drops it out the window. sal gets angry and punches batman in the stomach, wich makes batman fall out the window. batman grapples onto a building and clims to the top, and maronis thugs attack him. batman beats them up and calls nightwing for help, when batman sees the gotham museum is being attacked. twoface escapes as he blows it up, and batman arrives to see neither twoface or his thugs have any stolen items. twoface says the omeganator did it, and batman asks who the omeganaor is, but nightwing arrives and knocks it twoface and his thugs. batman throws them in arkham and twoface shouts out the omeganators name. batman sees a card on the ground that says "The Omeganator: 666 Demonlake Avenue". it says to be continued and the batsignal is seen.

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