Batman: Electric Terror is a three-part graphic novel series revolving around Batman's latest confrontation with Maxie Zeus. In this series, Zeus is transformed into an electric beast, making him much more intimitating. It is set for a Feburary 4th, 2013 release.



  • Bruce Wayne/Batman: In Electric Terror, Batman has created a new Batcomputer 2.0, also the world's greatest supercomputer.
  • Alfred Pennysworth: In Electric Terror, Alfred is celebrating his 67th birthday. However, once Maxie Zeus invades the Batcave, Alfred returns to Gotham City, eager to help Batman.


  • Maxie Zeus: In Electric Terror, Maxie learns of the new Batcomputer 2.0 and in order to reach it, prays to the gods, senses the Batcave's location. Thinking he needs to use its electricity to prove he is truly Zeus, he travels to the Batcave with an electric chip, designed to drain electricity. At the end of Part 1, Maxie's chip breaks, causing the Batcomputer 2.0's energy to go directly inside Maxie. Calling himself Zeus, he creates a small breakout out of Arkham Asylum. Batman stops the breakout and manages to discover water disables Zeus. In Part 3, Zeus returns to the Batcave, wanting to get revenge on Batman, who foiled his plans of a major breakout. However, a waterfall trap greets Maxie and he falls unconsious. Batman gives him to a military base in order to seal him for good. In Electric Terror, Maxie can fire lightning bolts, send up to 40,000 volts into a human or machine, or create entire thunderstorms.
  • Zsasz: Zsasz is broken out of Electric Terror by Zeus and learns the location of the Batcave. He makes his way to Batman's lair, hoping to kill the bat, but is trapped by the hero and hung by his foot on a building ledge for the police.
  • Joker: The Joker escapes Arkham Asylum and decides to ruin a game show. He cuts down a chandelier from the ceiling, killing the game host. Laughing at the chaos he has made, Batman confronts him. Joker however, using electricity he recived from Zeus in his Joy Buzzer to shock Batman to make a getaway. Joker then decides to rob a bank, but this time Batman uses his sealth skills to knock out Joker without him being detected.


  • In Electric Terror, Maxie Zeus resembles his Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth form.

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