esBatman: Legacy is a TV series which is a sequel to the Batman: Darkest Night TV series (Article coming soon). It is set 20 years afterwards (meaning it is set in the near future). It features a new character who takes up the mantle of Batman


Below is a list of episodes and a basic list of episode and a basic overview of them.

Season 1: Origins

The first season of Batman Legacy

Episode 1- Humble Beginnings


Every hero has a beginning.


The episode starts with a flythrough of Gotham city showing off the futuristic setting. The the following monologue: "Every hero has a beginning. Large (Shows a quick clip of Superman being sent away from his planet) or Humble (Gunfire is heard) Thats how my life began (Shows a young boy next to his dead parents.) My parents were killed in a bank heist. I sat there for what felt like hours and something snapped within me. How could life continue like normal when criminals are sucking life out of Gotham again, except this time there's no batman to save it."

The scene changes to the boy again who is now 15. He is in a bedroom looking at an object in front of him. It is a black outfit. The scene changes to him climbing out the window whilst wearing it. He is walking down a street keeping to the shadows whilst another monologue plays. "My name is Sam Cook. For 9 years I've lived in the Gotham City Orphanage. (A police car drives past him, they don't notice him.) For 9 years I've planned a way to fight back, to avenge my parents death. Now is the day when I strike back" He is following a group of criminals through the streets of Gotham. "Right now I am following the group of criminals who killed my parents."

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