Batman: Savior of Gotham is an animated TV Series centering around Batman's many adventures. It ran for 6 seasons. It was almost cancelled as parents called it too dark and violent. The show then received a "TV-Y7" rating. As the series progressed they considered giving it a PG rating again as darker, grittier characters like Hush or Zsasz didn't show up in the series as much as they used too, but they kept the Y7 rating.

Main Cast


Role: Voice Actor: Seasons:
Bruce Wayne/Batman Christian Bale 1-7
Jason Todd/Robin/Nightwing Nolan North


(Red Hood)1-5

Alfred Pennyworth Paul Bettany 1-7
Paul Jean Valley/Azrael

(Paul Jean Valley)Josh Keaton

(Azrael)Tom Kane

(Paul Jean Valley)3-5


Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing


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