This is an Elseworlds story in which Bruce Wayne was a child growing up in the Holocaust.


  • Bruce Wayne/"The Bat"- A Jewish American who was captured at the age of 15 in the year 1939. He watched his parents get murdered by a lieutenant of Hitler's named Jozef Kerr. In 1945, when the war ended, he vowed to take down Hitler and his followers. He bacame.. The Bat.
  • Jozef Kerr- One of Hitler's lieutenants, who was ordered to murder Thomas and Martha Wayne for starting an uprising. Hitler later betrayed Kerr because he found out that one of his lieutenants was a mole, and he believed it was Kerr. He captured Kerr, and placed him in a gas chamber that bleached all of his skin. He became a madman and one of the Bat's enemies.
  • Harvey Dent- The real mole. One of FDR's closest advisors, he was sent undercover into Hitler's organization. When Hitler found out that he was the mole, he attempted to incinerate Dent in a crematorium. Luckily, Harvey was only half burnt by the time the Bat was able to save him. Unfortunately, Dent went insane and became a mass murderer.
  • Jon Crayen- The man in charge of Hitler's gas chambers. He created a special type of gas that was used in a few chambers. It didn't kill the person, but rather caused them to see their worst fears, and go crazy, so that they'd end up killing themselves. After the war, he massed produced the gas, and sold it to the Mafia and Yakuza. He was the Bat's first enemy.
  • Jacques Ryder- Part of the reporter team (Jacques Ryder, Viktor Sage, and Victoria Vale) that keeps tabs on "The Bat". He is one day captured by Kerr and mutilated by him. He becomes his henchman.
  • Viktor Sage-
  • Victoria Vale-
  • Viktor Fries- A Polish scientist who agreed to work for Hitler if Hitler would provide him wit equiptment to cure his wife. Hitler betrays Fries, and kills his wife. He swears revenge on Hitler and becomes the Bat's armorer. He is an amalgam of Lucius Fox and Mr. Freeze.
  • Special Agent Jim Gordon- He is a secret service agent tasked with keeping tabs on the Bat.
  • Adolf Hitler- The leader of the Nazis, who commited suicide in 1947 to avoid capture by the military or the Bat. However, his death is not what it seems.

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