Batman: The musical is a film directed by Phyllida Lloyd. The songs are sung by the cast.

Batman: the Musical
Directed by
Phyllida Lloyd
2h 1m

Songs (In Order)

  1. Tragedy (Steps)


In a far way land named as Gotham City there was a tragedy (Tragedy by Steps plays)

TBA - You can add more


Main Characters

Character Actor or Voice
Bruce Wayne (Boy) Daniel Kerr
Batman/Wayne Nate Reuss
Tim Drake (Boy) Robin Packalen
Robin Logan Henderson
Batgirl/Oracle Bridget Mendler
The Joker Mark Hammill
Harley Quin Ariana Grande
Jack Ryder Pierce Brosnan
The Riddler John Travolta
Aaron Cash Will Smith
Vicki Vale Amanda Seyfried
Poison Ivy Ariana Grande

Alfred Pennyworth

Stellan Skarsgård
Commisioner Gordon Pierce Brosnan
Catwoman Miranda Cosgrove

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