It is 2014 superhero movie directed by Christopher Nolan Starring adam west as bruce wayne/batman

The story

After bruce retired as batman after the death of Jason Todd. After everything got worsen after the beginning of the mutant gang.bruce must be batman again to stop it . After he built a tank to get to the leader and fighting his way through the mutant leader yells at him to fight him. After batman almost got killed , carrie Kelly saves batman and defeat the mutant leader . When batman got a plan . It was the plan to humiliate them so batman and the mutant leader face off in the a bloody fight . So batman defeated the mutant leader by parylise his one arm then break his arm and legs resulting a brutal after the fight is over. Batman realize that Jim Gordon is retiring his job so jim told bruce that some of them broke in smaller gang such as son of batman and the Bruno's . So after defeating Bruno. Superman talk to batman that he need to retired but he's busy.clark talk to bruce that he need to retired and tells some of member of the justice league had retired and bruce interrupt "may the best man win. After superman saves gotham and the United States from the nuking. While the joker plans to kill people in the amusement park batman got in the bloody fight and batman almost snaps joker neck and he conovince that he see him in hell and ends up snapping his. After batman got away from his framing . He took a fake death pill and fight super man . After the fight bruce had died and how ever he had faked his own death and created a new batcave.


Adam west as batman

Ariel Winter as carrie Kelly

Troy Baker as joker

Tom hardy as mutant leader

Brandon Routh as superman

Patrick Stewart as Harvey dent

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