Batman: fight or fright volume 1


In a dark alleyway in Gotham known as crime alley as the cold air makes the homeless of Gotham shiver a van pulls up and out steps roman sionis aka the black mask “get the mutt out here he’s gona pay for all the shit he’s put me through” says the black mask in a loud demanding voice. Bruce Wayne is dragged out of the back of the van by two thugs who are assisted by scarecrow. “You remember the deal sionis, I help you and i get to be the one that finally kills the rich git” says scarecrow in a maniacal and angry voice.

Chapter one:

In Wayne manor as Bruce Wayne slowly eats his cooked breakfast he turns on his TV to discover that not only has black mask escaped but the guards let him escape. “Alfred how is the bat mobile” Bruce asks.

“It’s at the very lowest of desirability after your encounter with the mad hatter and riddler last night” “well what about the bat boat is it good enough.” “Well the armour is functioning well and its moveable” “good”

Chapter two:

“You know Wayne it would be so simple to just kill you but then Gotham wouldn’t fear us and my friend just loves fear isn’t that right” says black mask in a fear mongering voice.

“You know nothing of the true instrument that is fear how it can adapt how it can change the people it touches” Sais scarecrow in his usual voice he uses when he tries to make a point.

“Fear like the bat uses like he did when he rammed his boat into the trap that lead us to finding out his secret identity”

Chapter three:

the bat boat rams through the waters of Gotham when suddenly it hits a mine and the bat boat is torn in two and batman’s leg is torn off and he sinks to the depths of the Gotham river

end of issue 1

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