Directed By
Zack Snyder
Produced By
Christopher Nolan
Release Date
June 15 2016 (US), June 18 2016 (UK),June 21 2016 (Worldwide)
Distributed By
Warner bros. Pictures
Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Films, DC Comics
Music By
Hans Zimmer
Based On
Batman by Bob Kane
$350.000.000 - $400.000.000
Box Office

Batman Is A Reboot Of Batman Franchise, Directed By Zack Synder And Produced By Christopher Nolan. Set In The Same Universe As Man Of Steel. The Film Will Be Released In June 15, 2016 (US) ,June 18 (UK), July 1, 2016 (Worldwide).

"The True Justice, Has Come..."



  • Sam Worthington As Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Guy Pearce As Black Mask/Roman Sionis
  • Benedict Cumberbatch As Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
  • Pierce Brosnan As James Gordon
  • Laurence Fishburne As Commissioner Loeb
  • Michael Caine As Alfred Pennyworth
  • Denzel Washington As Lucius Fox
  • George Clooney As Camrine Falcone
  • Unknown As Hugo Strange (Uncredited, Voice Only.)


The Story Begins With The Mayor Of Gotham City Hold The Opening Ceremony Of The Gotham City Bridge, When The Mayor Giving A Speech, The Screen Shifted To A Few Guys On Motor Boats And They Headed Under The Bridge And Plant C4 On The Bridge Foundation And After The Mayor Giving A Speech And Cut The Ribbon, They Detonates The C4 And The Center Of The Bridge Is Destroyed. And Someone From The Crowds Walk To The Mayor's Back And He Knocks The Mayor's Head And He Use The Mayor As A Human Shield So The Police Not Shot At Him And Then He Slowly Back Away And A Helicopter Comes And He Enter The Helicopter. And After That A Bunch Of GCPD Helicopter Comes And Attack The Exploders Helicopter And GCPD With Motor Boats Comes To And Chase Them, After They Lose The Cops And They Headed To The Shore And The Mayor Is Being Brought To A Limo. While In The Car, The Mayor Wakes Up And He Says "What Do You Bastard, Want From Me?" And One Of Them With A Black Skull Mask (Black Mask) Replied "I Want Gotham To Be Mine!" And Then The Screen Shifted To The Outside Of The Limo And The Limo Pass The Police Cars That Headed To The Bridge Undetected. And Then The Screen Turn To Black And Batman Logo Shows Up.

And After The Batman Logo Dissapear The Screen Shifted To A Gotham City Views And It's 30 Years Before The Tragedy. The Young Bruce Wayne Is Playing Cat And Mouse With His Best Friend Harvey Dent On Wayne Manor Front Yard, And When Bruce Wayne Be The Mouse, Bruce Fell To A Hole That Covered By Leaves And The Hole Is Filled With Bats, As The Young Bruce Fell To The Bottom Of The Hole, The Bats Are Flying Away And Makes Bruce Scared. Seeing Bruce In A Hole, Harvey Dent Calls Bruce's Father, Thomas Wayne. And Then Thomas Saves Bruce And Getting Him Out Of The Hole. Inside The Mansion Bruce's Cry And Thomas Ask Bruce "Why Do Cry?", And Bruce Replied And He's Sobbing "When I Fell To The Hole, I See Bats A Lot Of Them..." And Thomas Replied "There's Nothing To be Afraid Of, They're Just Bats, They're Afraid Of Lights. And You Are Human, You're Stronger Than Them And If You Can Fight Your Fear And Win You Can Use Your Fear To Be Your Weapon Against Bad People. Do You Understand Me Bruce?" And Bruce Replied "Yeah". And The Screen Shifted To Monarch Theater. And Bruce With His Parents Watching An Opera. And A Scene Where A Bunch Bats Are Attacking Some People And That Makes Bruce Afraid, He Trying To Fight It And He Keep Seeing The Flashes When He Fell To The Hole. And Then He Can't Take It Anymore And He Ask His Parents To Leave The Theater And After They're Get Out From The Theater, A Mugger (Joe Chill) Pointed A Gun To Thomas And Ask For Some Money And Thomas Give His Wallet To The Mugger And The Mugger Take A Look At Inside Of The Wallet And He Said It's Not Enough And He Take Bruce And Pointed A Gun At His Head. And Then Bruce's Mother, Martha Wayne Gives All Her Jewels To The Mugger And They Beg The Mugger To Let Bruce Go And The Mugger Let Bruce Go, But The Mugger Shot Thomas And Makes Martha Screams And Then The Mugger Shot Martha As Well. And Then Bruce Crying And Thomas Tell Bruce To Not To Be Afraid And Then He Died And Left Bruce Alone.

And Then The Screen Shifted To Present Day Again, Bruce In The Batcave, Designing The Batsuit, And Then Alfred Comes And Ask Bruce Why Does He Want To Do All This And For What And Bruce Replied He Want To Restore Justice In Gotham City, Like Were It Was Just Like My Father Wants To Make A New And Better Gotham. (And When Bruce Replied Alfred's Question, The Screen Shifted To Himalaya Where Bruce Is Training Martial Arts 10 Years Ago And Bruce Is Being Trained By Unknown Martial Arts Master) . And 6 Hours Later, Bruce Wear The Unperfected Batsuit (Ski Mask For The Mask, Bullet Proof Vest, Camo Army Track Pants, And Brass Knuckle) And He Starts To Stop Little Crimes Likes Muggers, Small Roberry, And Small Drug Dealing But He Not Always Success To Do His Job, Sometimes He Got Outnumbered And Got Beaten Up. And Bruce Keeps Perfecting His Suit But Not Work Out Either. And Finally He Meets Lucius Fox In Wayne Enterprise. He Take The Lead Of Wayne Enterprise Until Bruce Is Ready To Lead The Wayne Enterprise. After A Little Chit Chat, Bruce Found A Body Armor In Fox's Lab In Wayne Enterprise, The Body Armor Used To Be Sell To US Navy Seal But It's Too Expensive For US Navy Seal, So They Cancel It, But There Some That Have Been Done And Bruce Ask Fox To Borrow The Armor But Fox Said Bruce Can Have It Because Thomas Wayne Already Paid Fox To Make It. And Bruce Smiling And Said Thank You.

And Then The Screen Shifted To The Gotham Docks, Black Mask Is Watch The Shipment Delivery Process And The Shipment Is Filled With Fear Gas And He's Being Called By Somebody Who Delivered The Shipment. He Tell Black Mask To Pay $25.000.000 For The Fear Gas By The End Of The Month Or Face The Consequence. And Black Mask Ask Him To Chill And The Money Will Come Sooner He Said. And Then He Turn The Phone Off. And The Screen Shifted To The Batcave And Bruce Wayne Is Opening A Closet And He Looking To His Perfected Batsuit, And Then Alfred Comes And He Said "Nice Suit, Master Wayne!" And He Smiling At Bruce And Walk Away. And Then Bruce Is Seing Making His Batarang And Then Alfred Ask Bruce "What Are The Symbol Stand For Sir?" And Bruce Replied "It's Stand For Bat My Biggest Fear And I Want The Bad People Scare Of Them Too."

Then The Screen Shifted To The GCPD Building, And There's Commisioner Loeb. And He's With Lt James Gordon. Gordon Tells Him About The Shipment, GCPD Undercover Knows Who Is The Man Who Order The Shipment, Roman Sionis. And In The GCPD Record, Sionis Is Die 15 Years Ago And Gordon Is The Man Who Responsible Of Sionis' Death (It Just An Accident, Sionis Is Meant To Be Captured But Gordon Accidently Shot Him) And Then The Screen Shifted To 15 Years Ago. In Ace Chemical Factory, Sionis Is Going To Stole The Fail Experiment, The Experiment Is Very Dangerous And The Fail Experiment Is The Fear Gas. The Fail Fear Gas Is Created By Dr.Jonathan Crane.Sr, And The Older Version Of Fear Gas Is More Dangerous Than The New One, If Someone Sniff The Gas, That People Will Experience Scarier Imagination And Will Die In 4 Hours. Actually Fear Gas Is Created To Interogate Prisoners. In The Ace Chemicals Building They Have Found Sionis And He's Trying To Escape From The Building. And When Gordon Chase Him, Gordon Trying To Shot Him, But His Fire Is Missed The Target And Hit A Tank Fill With Acid And The Acid Going Straight To Sionis' Face He Still Running And When He Lose Gordon, He Going Straight To A Dead End On A Balcony Of Ace Chemicals And Below The Balcony Is A Sea, When Gordon Catch Up With Him, Sionis Dirctly Shot Gordon And That Makes Gordon Accidently Shot Sionis And He Fell To The Sea. After That Loeb Said "How Can Be He Still Alive, But Now Just Focus To The Opening Ceremony, Alright. We'll Talk About This Later, Son.".

And The Next Day, Bruce Is Back To Wayne Enterprise To See Fox Again. And He Ask Fox About A Cape, And Then Fox Replied "A Cape?? Are You Want To Be A Superman Or Something??" And Then Bruce "Well, I Can Tell You Why I Need A Cape, But You Wont Believe Me. And You Will Think I'm A Nut." But Fox Insist, And Bruce Explain Everything And Fox Believes It And Fortunatly Fox Have A Fireproof Cape And The Cape Can Be Use For Gliding. And He Have A Gaunlet Glove And A Grapnel Gun (Batclaw). And Fox Have Something That Can Impress Bruce, A Modified Tumbler That US Navy Seal Ordered But Canceled. And Bruce Test Drive It And Fox Explain To Bruce, The Tumbler Have Completed Weapon System, Bullet Proof Body And Glass, But Not Direct Explosion Proof. And Fox Said Those Are For Bruce. 

And Then The Screen Shifted To The Opening Ceremony Of Gotham Bridge, And Batman Is Watching The Ceremony From The Distance Incase There Something Wrong. And He See An Suspicious Chopper And He Scanned It And He See 3 Guys In The Chopper Including Black Mask. And Then He Scan Black Mask And He Get All Information About Him Including His Real Name. And Then The Tragedy Happened, And Batman Jump Off From The Building And Glide Away To The Tumbler And Chase The Helicopter, But After The Helicopter Lose The Cops, He Lost The Helicopter, And He Find Another Route, And The Tumbler Attract Some Cops And The Cops Asking Batman To Stop The Vehicle And Get Out Of It, But Batman Disobey The Cops And He Run Away From The Cops And Then The Cops Asking For Backup. Because He Distracted By The Cops, Batman Stop His Rescue Mission And Trying To Escape From The Cops. After He Lose The Cops He Headed To The Batcave And He Confronted By Alfred And He Yells To Bruce About The Car Chase, And Bruce Ask Him "How Did You Know About It?" And Alfred Replied "It's On Every News In Every Channel!" And Bruce Said "OK, I'm Sorry Alright I Don't Know What To Do. The Mayor Got Kidnapped And I'm Chasing The Kidnapper!" And Then Bruce Walk Away To The Batcomputer.

The Screen Shifted To Camrine Falcone Meeting Black Mask In The Docks. They're Talking About Something Called Phase One, It's A Plan To Attack Gotham With Fear Gas And They Gonna Spread It With Exploding The Fear Gas With Bomb And The Fear Gas Is Hidden Throughout Gotham City. Actually The GCPD Undercover Is Recording Their Conversation And Send The Conversation To Gordon Via Email. After That He Called The GCPD To Storm The Docks. And Then The Police Are Coming And Batman Too. He Has Hack The GCPD Dispatch And He Can Hear It Anytime. And Batman Silently Takedown Falcone And Black Mask Thugs. And Then He Found Black Mask And Batman And Black Mask Do Hand To Hand Combat. And Then Scarecrow Is Behind The Batman And He Said "Well Hello There Bat..." And Scarecrow Spray His Fear Gas To Batman, And Then Batman Started Seeing A Flashes When He Fell To The Hole And The Bats Are More Scarier. But He Fight His Fear And Chase Black Mask, And Scarecrow Is Gone. And When He See Black Mask And Black Mask Just Standing Doing Nothing And When Batman Getting Closer To Black Mask, Black Mask Is Dissapear And From The Back The Real Black Mask Shows Up And Shot Batman. And When Batman Got Hitted By The Bullet, He Just Fell Off And Unconscious. And Then 2 Black Mask Thugs And Falcone Comes And Examine Batman And When One Of Black Mask Thugs Going To Open Batman's Mask, Black Mask Ask His Thug To Not Open It, Because He Knows Batman's Not Dead And He Command His Thugs To Drown The Body To The Sea. And When Batman Drowning He's Started To Wake Up And He Started Remembering What His Father Said (And Then The Screen Shifted To Young Bruce And Thomas Wayne) "Your Fear Can Be Your Strongest Weapon, You Just Need To Fight It And Win It To Control It..." And Then Bruce Completly Wake Up And He Swim To The Shore (Not The Docks) And He Activate His Gadget Bat Tracker, So Alfred Can Locate His Location. And He Still Weak Because The Effect Of The Fear Gas. And Then He Started To Remember The Most Saddest Moment Of His Life, His Parents Funeral. And There's Heavy Rain In The Funeral. And Young Bruce Is Crying And Alfred Is Behind Him. And Some Of Thomas Wayne' Friends Are In The Funeral (Like Lucius Fox, James Gordon, And Comisioner Loeb) And Then The Screen Shifted To Wayne Manor And Bruce Still Crying, And Then Alfred Sit Beside Bruce, And Then Bruce Said "It's All My Fault Alfred...I'm Sorry...", And Alfred Replied "For What?", And Then Bruce Said "My Parents Death It's 'Cause By Me..." And Alfred Replied "It's Not Your Fault Mister Wayne, It's Their Fate.". "No Alfred, It's Not. If I Not Too Afraid, My Parents Should Be Alive By Now!" Said Bruce. "No Mr. Wayne, It's Their Fate. And It Already Happened, You Can't Change The Past But You Can Change The Future. And I Know What Your Parents Really Want From You. They Want You To Success To Change Gotham Into A Better Place And It's Your Father's Dream And You Need To Continue His Dream When You're Ready." Said Alfred And Then He Smiles To Bruce.

And Then The Screen Shifted To Black Mask's Hideout. And Then The Mayor Is Tied In A Chair And Got Beaten Up. And Then Black Mask Shows Up And He Said "Rise And Shine, Mr Mayor" And Then He Punch Mayor's Face. And Then The Mayor Wakes Up And Then Black Mask Said "Tell Me Mr.Mayor What Is The Code Of The Blackgate Prison System?". "I Will Never Give Up The Code To A Bastard Like You!" Said The Mayor And Then He Spit On Black Mask's Face. "Ok, Looks Like We Gonna Do This The Hard Way." Said Black Mask. And Then Scarecrow Came In And He Spray The Fear Gas. And Then His Face Turn Into A Terrifying Monster. "WHAT'S THE CODE!!!!" He Said With A Terrifying Monster Voice. And Then The Mayor Looks Scare And Then He Said "Please...NO!!!". And Then The Screen Shifted To The Next Day In Bruce's Bedroom In Wayne Manor.

And Then Bruce Is Waking Up And Alfred Is Giving Him A Glass Of Water. And Then Bruce Ask Alfred "How Long Did I Asleep?" And Then Alfred Replied "Three Days. And Oh... Master Wayne, Two Days Ago I Ask Mr.Fox To Analyze The Toxin In Your Body." And Then Lucius Fox Came In. And Then Fox Explain The Toxing Contain Virus That Can Control People Mind And Force Them To Remember The Most Fearest Moment Of They're Life. And Brucce Told Fox, Black Mask Is Going To Spread The Toxin All Over The City Using The Water And Air So Fox Need To Make A Lot Of The Cures.

And Then Bruce Trying To Find GCPD Database of Black Mask And He Can't Find It And Then Bruce Trying To Scan Black Mask's Finger Prints And The Results Is Roman Sionis. And The Results:

Name: Roman Sionis

Born: August 20, 1970


1985 - Vandalism

1987 - Mugging

1988 - Armed Robbery

1990 - Bank Robbery

1992 - Murderer

2001 (Last Crime) - Trying To Steal An Dangerous Weapon/Experiment

Death: September 23, 2001

Cause of Death: Accidently Killed By Officer James Gordon

And Then The Screen Shifted To GCPD Building, Gordon And Loeb Are Being Informed By Their Undercovers, That They Cannot Find Black Mask Location. And Then Loeb Ask Gordon To Go Home, Because Gordon Hasn't Go Home In 2 Days To Find Black Mask Location. And Then When He Reach An Alley Of His House Location, Batman Shows Up And Gordon Pointed A Gun To Batman, And Batman Told Gordon To Put Down His Weapon And Batman States He Is In Gordon's Side, But Gordon Didn't Believe It And He Told Batman What Do He Want From Him, And Batman Replies He Wants To know About Roman Sionis, And Gordon Replies He Killed Him 15 Years Ago But There's A Shipment For Sionis And It's Contain Fear Gas. And Batman Said He Believed The Mayor's Kidnapper Is Sionis. And Then Gordon's Wife Called Gordon And Ask Him To Get Inside The House, And After Gordon Answers His Wife, He Tells Batman To Leave And Talk About This Later But He Already Left.


Release & Reception

After The Film Release In US, It Finished At #1 Spot In Box Office, Grossing $800.000.000. Reviews Of The Film Have Been Positive And Rated Five Star By Every Media And Get 92% Aprroval Ratings On Rotten Tomatoes.

Andrew Johnson, From New York Times Called It "The Great And Fantastic New Look Of Batman Series. Well Christoper Nolan Trilogy Is The Best But This Was The Best Of The Best".


In January 23, 2017 Warner Bros Officialy Announce The Sequel Of Batman Called "The Caped Crusader" Is Under Development. And In A Interview With Zack Snyder, He Confirms, He Will Direct The Sequel And Sam Worthington, Benedict Cumberbatch, Pierce Brosnan, Denzel Washington, And Michael Caine Have All Being Confirmed To Reprises Their Role. And In A Interview With Warner Bros They Hope The Sequel Will Release In February 2019.

Video Games

In December 15, 2016 Electronic Arts (EA GAMES) Officialy Announce The Video Game Of Batman Called Batman: Gotham Knight Is Under Development, The Game Will Be Released In June 15, 2017 A Year After The Film Release. This Game Will Be Release In PC, PS3, XBOX 360, PS4, And XBOX ONE And The Game Itself Use Unreal Engine 4.


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Batman Villain "Black Mask" Teaser Poster


Batman Teaser Poster

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