Bruce Wayne From Lives Gotham., his father found dead Thomas Wayne Sr.

Batman (Arley Swaby)
Biological Information

Real Name

Bruce Wayne

Current alias

Batman (currently) The Dark Knight (formerly)


Thomas Wayne Sr. (father;deceased) Martha Wayne (mother;deceased) Bobby Collins (half-brother) Jason Todd (Adoptive Son, friend;Deceased) Thomas Wayne , Jr. (brother)


Ex-Criminal (formerly) Wayne Manor CEO (currently)

Base of Operations

Batcave (currently) Police Station Lab (formerly;retires)


Erickson Johnson (former ally;deceased) Jack O' Ryder (eldest brother;deceased)

Physical Information



Other Information

First appearance

Batman : Red Hoods

Last appearance

Man of Steel 2 (appeared)

Alfred SaysMaster Wayne(Master Wayne)


  • Thomas Wayne Jr. - his brother.
  • Martha Wayne† - his mother and friend.
  • Damian Wayne - his son.
  • Emily Dawes - his lover and close-friend.

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