Thomas Cambell
 Batman (Thomas Cambell) is a superhero in DC Comics'  universe. The character was created as a teenager who discovered the Batcave and all it's equipment, and first appeared in Elseworlds: the Death of Batman. He later acquired her own ongoing comic book, Batman, written by Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder and drawn by Jim Lee.


15 years ago, the Joker killed the entire Bat family. Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, and even Batman himself died that night. Alfred passed away a few years later. Criminals ran wild in Gotham, resulting in the death of Commissioner Gordon. Wayne Manor was left abandoned, and the Legacy of Batman was dead.

15 years later, in the year 2028, the Gotham Police Department is all but dead. Criminals are still running wild in Gotham, with no one there to stop them. One day, a 16 year old child named Thomas Cambell was on his way home from School. He is then confronted by a gang of criminals known as the Apocalypse, and is chased for miles. He eventually makes his way to a giant mansion, unbeknownst to him was Wayne Manor. He runs inside to hide from the Apocalypse, and they eventually give up looking and leave. He looks around the Manor and eventually finds out it belongs to Bruce Wayne, who is said to of died of cancer 15 years ago. Upon further exploration, he discovers the Batcave. He uses the Batcomputer, and learns that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Thomas thinks it's incredible he discovered the Batcave, and decides to keep it a secret as a place to hang out by himself.

Over the next several weeks, Thomas trains himself with equipment in the Batcave. One night, he is at home, and gets into an argument with his father. Thomas leaves and goes to the Batcave. He returns home that night to find out that his father was killed by members of the Apocalypse while looking for Thomas. Thomas looks on the Batcave computer and sees how different Gotham was when Batman was alive 15 years ago. He believes that if there was a Batman, his father would still be alive. He decides to become the new Batman out of revenge, and to prevent any more innocent lives from being lost. Over the next several months, Thomas trains himself and makes a new batsuit, and sets out one night as Batman to bring down the criminals in Gotham.


Batman broke into the apocolypse hideout and realised he could not take them on he treid to escape but was found out.Batman returned to the Batcave and he looked in his school photos and saw David Wilson a student who was an orphan and bullied like him.One day David was walking home when Apocalypse members chased him,Batman drugged him and scared off the Apocalypse members.Batman took him to the cave,TBA

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