Also known as Bruce Wayne, Batman is a vigilante who strikes fear into those who prey on the innocent.

Character Type


Special Moves

Batarang Throw-Batman throws a batarang

Explosive Batrang Throw-Batman throws an explosive batarang

Batclaw-Batman shoots out his Batclaw, dragging the opponent towards him

Batclaw Slam-While the opponent is being dragged, Batman slams them into the ground

Throw-Batman picks up his opponent, and then throws them

Arm Breaker-Batman breaks his opponent's arm

Super Moves

Level 1-Bat Storm-Batman summons a swarm of bats to attack his opponent

Level 2-Combo of Justice-You throw a reverse Batarang, knocking your opponent towards Batman. Then he throws them against the wall. He then batclaws them towards him, then kicks them in the face.

Level 3-Combo of Vengeance-Batman first throws a storm of Batarangs at his opponent. Then he drags them in close with the Batclaw, then slams them into the ground. Then he wraps a line around their legs, hanging them from a building offscreen. He then punches them several times, and cuts the line.

Finishing Blows

This is Justice-Batman puts explosive gel on the ground. Then he Batclaws his enemy towards him. Then he slams the enemy into the ground, jumps on top of him, then leaps off of him. Then he presses a button, setting off the gel.


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