now earth is an alternate reality. Batman (Now-Earth) lives there.


Bruce Wayne is a former boxer, so he is strong, but he is also super smart because he drank a potion to give him powers. The potion is called Venom. He has night vision and super speed, and karate moves too. his knowledge expands when he uses the venom.


  • Joker - a former circus clown who got amnesia in a fight and his face was frozen, so it is white, and he got his face smashed into the ground, so his mouth is red. he wears a purple tuxito with a green tie, two rainbow clown shoes, and a he had his hair permanetly dyed grean. all he knows is being funny and fighting,
  • TwoFace - Havey dent was a cop, whenjoker caught him and smashed half of hi face into a moving bus, and half of his face was scraped off, and then the scraped side was dipped in acid by joker.

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