Arkham Revenge is a Sequel to Arkham City






Mister Freeze(appears in side mission)

Red Hood


Scarecrow(Main Antagonist)


Harley Quinn

Killer Croc



Penguin(appears in side mission)

Riddler(appears in side mission)



Mad Hatter(appears in side mission)


Game opens with Batman fighting thugs in the broken Arkham City and Harley Quinn comes and she knocks the Batman out he's wakes up in Arkham Asylum when nobody's looking he manages to escape only to run into Hush."Batman well I thought you were token care of no matter wayne and this city will crumble." Batman grabs Hush by the throat but he uses a smoke pellet to escape the bat. Batman runs into Nightwing and Catwoman outside and they tell him that Deathstorke and Hush have made a pact and That they teamed up with none other then Scarecrow. Batman looked surprised thinking that crane was dead but then Crane appeared on a tv screen."This will be interesting knowing that the bat can't stop me I will cover this city with fear" With this Batman learns that there's a whole group off villains working together and he gets Nightwing,Catwoman,and Robin to help and now There's a war for justice. Batman searches for Crane when he encounters Harley once again along with Firefly Batman fights Firefly which after Hes defeated A gunshot comes and the figure reveals itself to be The Red Hood. Jason Tells Bats that since he didn't kill joker he wants to kill scarecrow and then he disappears.

more to come

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