shepard78The Batman Cinimatic Universe is a series of film s about Batman directed by Zach Snyder and Zack Hempsey doing the soundtrack This was created by Shepard78 please do not edit if you have any suggestions or want to edit it or add somethingg Please Contact Me.

Films and Villans

  1.  The Batman (2017)-Hugo Strange
  2.  The Batman:Gotham Knights(2018)-Court of Owls
  3. The Caped Crusader (2019)-Man-Bat
  4. Worlds Greatest Detective-The Riddler
  5. Batman and Robin-Two-Face
  6. GCPD-Great White Shark and Firefly
  7. The Dynamic Duo-Black Mask and Red Hood
  8.  The League of Shadows-Ra"s Al Ghul and league of shadows
  9. GCPD 2-Ventriloquist
  10. Fear is Everything-Scarecrow
  11. The Killing Joke-Joker
  12. The Batman:Triumphant-Bane,league of Shadows
  13. The Batman: Masked Manhunter-Poison Ivy and Tweedeldum and Tweedeldee
  14. Nightwing-Dr. Victor Fries, Simon Hurt
  15. Birds of Prey-Talia al ghul and Harley Quiin and Chesire
  16. Gotham Origins: Catwoman-Jet streak
  17. The Batman: Dark Knight-Penguin,Hush
  18. Birds of Prey The battle with in-Deathstroke the Terminator and Sportsmaster

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