A Bat stalks it's prey without it knowing. Then, it strikes.

-Tagline. Batman Conquest is the first movie of The Silent Knight Trilogy, and will be written by Banjosnape. In it, Wes Bentley will be Bruce Wayne/Batman, Micheal Fassbender as Tommy Eliot, and David Tennet as The Riddler. (The rest of the cast members can be seen in the "Cast" Section"). Most of the cast will be charcters that haven't been in Batman movies before, and most of the Non-Villan cast will not return.It will be Rated PG-13. The Movie will be followed by a sequel, witch the name has not been confirmed yet.


The movie starts with Bruce Wayne and Tommy at a summer camp. Tommy invinted him there. A boy there insults him about the disfigurment of his face. Tommy punches the boy, and almost kills him. The boy is put in a medical hospital, and Tommy is put in a Physch Ward.

Bruce Wayne, a year later, goes to a theater with his parents. Bruce then sees hallucinations of Tommy outside. He falls and trips, badly inguring himself. Bruce then sees the sight of Joe Chill. He tortures Bruce's parents with a flamethrower and brutally kills them. Bruce, is then attacked by Joe Chill. However, the police come and Chill runs away. Bruce, injured, is adopted with the care of Alferd Pennyworth, still a young man.


Wes Bentley as Bruce Wayne/Batman - Bruce Wayne wears a suit of armor that increases his sleath, aligity, and stamina. By day, he is by far the most successful millonare in Gotham. But by night, he is the Batman. Bruce has had a terrible childhood, with his parents dying and him getting beat up by gangs. He became the Batman only for revenge for his parents killer. But when a great threat to Gotham comes, he realziles Batman is much more than that. Much more.

David Tennant as The Riddler/Edward Nigma - Edward Nigma is the new mayor in Gotham, and he wants to put a stop to "The Bat Murderer" and "The Riddler". Little due the people now he is The Riddler. When Bruce finds out this fact, The Riddler wants to put an end to him for good. The Riddler leaves Question Marks on his victims, and above of them, he writes a question.

Josh Brolin as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot - TBA.





This is Banjosnape's first project on here.

Some first tiltes were "Silent Knight", "DarkQuest" and "Orgins of The Bat".

This will have two sequels.

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