This is a sequel to Batman Returns. Chris O'donnel is Nightwing, Michael Keaton is Batman, Kevin Bacon is Man-Bat, Ewan McGregor is Scarecrow, Tom Hardy is Killer Croc, Norman Reedus is Deadshot and Stephen Lang is Rupert Thorne.


Mall Robbery

Batman and Robin are suiting up, and Robin hops on to his motorcycle, then says "its good to be back to doing this." Batman says "well, a few years off never hurt anyone." Robin chuckles and says "a few?" Batman gets in the Btamobile and they drive off to stop a robbery at the mall. Meanwhile, at the top floor, 3 of Rupert Thornes thugs are being tortured by a new criminal, ,who is shown spraying gas in there faces. The new criminal laughs and asks if they are "scared yet." The camera zooms out and reveals him to be Scarecrow.

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