Batman Vs. Ghost Rider is a comic book and an anime film starring both Batman and Ghost Rider.

Issue 1 - "War of the Multiverses"

Batman arrives in Gotham, after a long time in Metropolis, and finds a crime-lord, who he briefly mistakes for Two-Face, in a warehouse with 3 captured people being dragged by thugs out of a portal. Batman jumps in through the window, only to be caught by the crime-lord, Deathwatch, by the chest, having all his energy drained into his hand. Batman is now weak, and Deathwatch says he will keep him around, right before dropping him to the floor. Deathwatch explains to his thugs, Zsasz, Killer Croc, and Bane, that he is from the portal. Croc thinks he's an alien, but Deathwatch says he's from a different reality, and has a flashback of how he got into there world...

Deathwatch is attacking a group of campers in the woods for there life-force, when The Ghost Rider attacks him and smashes him against the camper. Deathwatch grabs The Riders chain from his hand and wraps it around the Riders waste, then pulls, launching him into the sky. The Rider jumps down, and lands on him, and starts punching him to death. Deathwatch is almost dead, but crawls free and runs into the forest, trying to escape and drain more life forces to survive. He trips over a twing and finds a secret chamber, with a portal inside. He gets sucked in, and finds himself trapped in a wooden crate in a warehouse. He escapes, and drains the life-force of a bunch of mobsters in the middle of a gangwar. He is stronger, and takes over the entire Gotham underworld. He then sends a bunch of thugs into the portal to kidnap 3 of the Ghost Riders best allies and use them as bate.

Meanwhile, in Ghost Rider's reality, a new evil is unleashed from Hell...

Issue 2 - "Hell Unleashed"


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