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BATMAN: batman begins

BATMAN: batman begins is a batman novel written by L. Gilbert, it was released on 30th march 2013. It focuses around how bruce wayne became batman, and his early villan encounters.


batman, the dark knight.

a legend, the protector of gotham, but how did he become the caped crusader?

bruce suddenly bolted upright, "the dream again Mr.Wayne?" said alfred, "I need to fight my fear, the criminals of gotham need to fear the bats the way i do, only then will Gotham become what it once was."



  1. Batman/Bruce Wayne
  2. Alfred pennyworth
  3. Ra's a ghul
  4. Carmine Falcone
  5. Victor Zzasz
  6. Talia a ghul
  7. Kyle Abbot
  8. Matches Malone
  9. Thomas Wayne
  10. Martha Wayne


  1. this is the first book in the series
  2. the book is 460 pages long
  3. the books colour scheme is yellow


. L.Gilbert

.Batman novels

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