batman beyond season 4 continues the adventures of terry mcginnis as batman.

the follows a much darker tone then the rest of the series as terrys friend max dies. villains introduced included (but not limited to) the ring leader, catwomen II, drain, the big cheese, two face and android X.


the season start's around the summer as the one of the begining episode see's terry and his friends graduate from high school. midway through the season terry's friend max dies in an explosion caused by kobra. also around this dana learns terrys secret life as batman. soon new incarnations of two of the original batmans foes, two face and to destroy kobra's machine, but not before reconciling with his estranged father.


  • a day in the ring
  • distinct inque
  • fantasies
  • man and machine
  • graduation
  • the jokes on you
  • the cat and its prey
  • under cover
  • tragedy strikes
  • obsession
  • the two sides of a coin
  • vengefull past
  • big time, big return
  • can a leapord change it stripes ?
  • strike back pt 1
  • strike back pt 2