Write the first paragraph of your page here. This is a remake of original batman animated series however unlike the first one it use the modern timmverse style how ever many character had redesign and some of the actor reprise there roles in the characters which will be on 2014,June 4.however they will remake the episode of the animated series and also new ones

Cast . Kevin conroy as batman/bruce wayne Jesse McCartney as robin/dick grayson Tara strong as batgirl/baraba Gordon Martin Jarvis as Alfred pennyworth

Supporting character 

Adam west as Thomas wayne Tasia Valenza as martha wayne Bob Hasting as commisser Gordon Stana Katic as talia al ghul Robert Costanzo as Harvey bullock


Mark Hamil as red hood I/ joker Arleen Sorkin as harley Quinn/ harleen quinnzel Diane Pershing as poison ivy Peter MacNicol as mad hatter Troy Baker as two-face Brooks Gardner as clayface/Matt Hagen Danny Trejo as bane Dino Andrade as scarecrow Dee Bradley Baker as ras al ghul Wade Williams as black mask Nolan north as penguin Maurice LaMarche as calendar man Wally Wingert as the riddler

Character design

Catwoman and deathstroke design

Catwoman & deathstroke

Bane,the riddler and poison ivy redesign

Poison ivy,the riddler , bane redesign

Bat-family redesign

Batman,batgirl and robin design

Joker redesign

Joker better design

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