The Batsuit is the iconic costume worn by Batman. This version exists in Earth-819.


Color Scheme

The overall color of the suit is a mix of gray and black. The suit itself is mostly gray, while the cape, cowl, gloves and boots are black. The utility belt is a darkish yellow.


The cowl, also simply known as the mask, is frabricated from an exotic bi-weave of rubber and leather with a Nomex weave retrofitted beneath. Hidden in the cowl is a set of lenses that allow the wearer to use a virtual reality setting most commonly referred to as "Bat-Vision" or "Detective Mode". Another thing installed in the cowl is an earpiece and microphone that allows the wearer to communicate with a set home base or HQ. This device can be activated by simply putting pressure on the right ear.


The main body is made from a rare mix of Spectra and Kevlar, ultimately forming a very strong bulletproof armor that wraps around the torso and extends to the legs. The shape of a bat lies imprinted on the chest.


The gloves are designed from a very tough plastic material with the Nomex material from the cowl implanted in them. The gloves also hold two individual electromagnets that allow for the cape to extend, allowing the wearer to glide.

The wearer can also channel non-lethal electro-static energy through the arms and can unleash a shockwave that can temporarily incapacitate enemies or disable electronics such as surveillance cameras. This electro-static energy can be charged by riding against a strong current of wind.


The most inriguing part of the Batsuit is the cape, which extends via magnetic points connected throughout the cape. This feature allows the wearer to glide or "fly" much like a bat. The cape is also installed with several illusionary weapons and gadgets such as smoke.

Bat-Vision / Detective Mode

Bat-Vision (also referred to as "Detective Mode") is a virtual reality-like program that is installed within the cowl of the Batsuit. The use of this program is made possible by the operation of two crystal lenses that sweep over the eyes of the cowl. Bat-Vision can be used for many different things such as detecting substances not commonly seen with the naked eye, seeing through walls and other obstacles and is even capable of snapping pictures that can be sent to a set home base or HQ. At first, Bat-Vision was designed to be the "future of police investigations" and was even suggested for military use, but in the end, the investment became another relic stored in the Progressive Investments Division of Wayne Enterprises.

Bat-Mini / Plecotus

The Bat-Mini (also called the "Plecotus") is a miniature computer embedded in the left glove of the Batsuit.

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