Fredderick "Fred" Zsasz, or Boomerazs, is a serial killer who throws knives, and they, like boomerangs, swing back into his hands. He is an amalgamation of Victor Zsasz and the Spider-Man villain, Boomerang.


In Streets of Gothattan, he, along with Sandface, is attacking some drug dealers at a warehouse, ready to steal are there Illusion Toxin, a drug made by Mystericrow. Spiderbat attacks, ad when Boomerazs throws a knive at Spiderbat, he dodges, causing the knive to bounce off the ceiling, go towards Boomerazs (but Spiderbat pushes him out of the way then dodges the knive), bounce off the wall, and hit Sandface's legs, causing him to fall down. Spiderbat lets his partner, Nightdevil, deal with Sandface. Spiderbat, on top of a bridge, asks Boomerazs who hired him. Boomerazs spits in Spiderbats face. Spiderbat throws Boomerazs off the bridge, but catches him with his Grappling Web. Boomerazs screams and yells "Hammermask!" Spiderman throws Boomerazs onto a truck with snow in the back, so he knows Boomerazs will fall on something soft. Spiderbat sets out to find Hammermask, as Boomerazs literally goes on a "wild ride".

The Justice Legion Avengers (Animated Series)

In this series, Boomerazs is one of the Masters of Injustice. He helps his fellow Master of Injustice, Abomanatite, destroy a train station while looking for there captured leader, Baron Zemestro, when Spiderbat and Green America come and stop them. After a long fight, Boomerazs and Abomanatite are sent to the super-asylum, The A.S.Y.L.U.M.

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