Kitrina Falcone, also known as Catgirl, is a superhero that has appeared in various media created by 900bv.

Altor's Guardian

Kitrina Falcone appears in the animated television show Altor's Guardian. She operates as Kittyhawk early in the series, but then transitions into Catgirl and fights alongside Catwoman.


Batman VS


Catgirl, as she appears in Batman VS.

In Batman VS, Catgirl is avaliable through the Free Bonus Pack and fights on the side of good.

Finishing Moves (Killing)

  • Handstand Neckbreaker: Catgirl does a handstand onto the opponents shoulders and then spins around while grasping the head, breaking the opponents neck.
  • Claw Marks: Catgirl slashes the opponents face twice and then stabs it with all the claws on both hands.



  • TBA

Television Shows


  • TBA

Video Games

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