Clayfacee by Lidiev

"As myself, I am faceless, a nothing. But this nothing just happens to be able to become anything"

This is Clayface as he appears in Dark Knight: The Animated Series. He was once a famous actor known as Basil Karlo. After an a run-in with the Joker, he had his face disfigured beyond recognition. This left him jobless. Without a face or job to call his own, Karlo felt that he didn't even exist. With help from his former makeup artist, John Nicholson, he took on the identity of his former producer. Nicholson didn't know, however, that Karlo would use his producer's identity to take revenge on his former boss, and The Joker.



Basil Karlo was born to a middle-class family. He loved acting, and started in many a school play

Acting Career

Karlo was in many minor films before being hired by director William Hamil to play villain Clayface in his movie. He gladly took the role. After weeks of filming, it seemed that this would be the greatesr role of Karlo's career. However, his happiness was interrupted by an attack from the Joker.


Clayface appears like whoever Nicholson can make him appear like. When not taking on the identity of someone else, he hides his scared face with a mask of clay.



Karlo believes that without his face and his career, he doesn't exist. With the help of Nicholson, he takes on the indentities of others, in order to feel like an actual person. If he doesn't assume a new persona for an extended period of time, he will become depressed, and eventually start to panic.


Karlo is somewhat skilled with a handgun, and is an extremely talented actor. He also has the ability to manipulate his voice, but this talent is somewhat limited, and causes his voice to crack after extended periods of time.

Weapons and Paraphinalia

Karlo wields a handgun for ranged killing, and a dagger when he needs to get in close. He also wears a clay mask, which is somewhat resistant to blunt force.

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