Comer is the sixteenth episode of The Young Knight season one.



  • Int. Background

(Cuts to a black background then we hear Bruce)

Bruce’s Voice: “Previously on the Knight…”

(We go back to the first episode as we see Bruce looking at the picture of his parents on top the fireplace in Wayne Manor; then the camera flashes quickly from the portrait to a mysterious gun shooting at his parents on the day of their death and flashes quickly to the tombstone of his parents name THOMAS and MARTHA. Then we see in “Extraordinary” a gun fires shooting at Bruce; Ken heals him; and then we head to a scene with Bruce and Alfred as Bruce telling him that we he was on the brink of death he saw his parents and told him that they said to watch out; flashes then to the last scene of “Avalon” as we see Bruce and Victor touching the blue crystal as all of suddenly the crystal glows brightly and blasts both of them to opposite sides and flashes a white ominous light; then we quickly flash to the funeral scene in “Perdition” as we see the funeral of Victor Powers and then to the part as everyone realize when they open the casket to think a bomb is in there…nothing is in there not even Victor’s body. Cuts to a scene as we hear Jason telling Bradson that his father after seeing the fake death certificate is still alive somewhere; cuts to a motel scene on the outskirts of Gotham as we see a rugged man looking exactly like Victor telling the motel owner that he don’t know who he is and wants to start a new life; flashes quickly to a scene as we see Jason telling a man that it will do at nothing to find his father and then another scene with Agent Cutter making a proposition about something; then several close up shots of Leslie Thompskins, Gina Faust, Leo, Julie, Lucius Fox, Mr. Bryant and Alfred…and then the last scenes as we see are Bruce and Julie kissing in “Gossip”; John Henry Irons dressing up as steel-like costumed vigilante in “Friend”; Jason looking at some sort of a map in “Extraordinary”; Bruce and Gina kissing in “Hunter”; Leo going undercover as a thug in “Missing”; and then the last very scene as we see Bruce and Dr. Ken Bronsan discussing about each other’s future in “Extraordinary”)

(Then we cut to a black background again as we start the episode)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor as we also notice a remarkable sunrise turning into morning)

  • Int. Kitchen – Breakfast Table

(Cuts inside to a kitchen as we see Alfred entering noticing a interesting aroma and then smell as it’s the smell of pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, waffles, berry yogurt, and fresh-squeezed orange juice)

(As Alfred approaches to the surprised breakfast prepared already, he suddenly sees Bruce with a plate and a glass of orange juice while reading the morning’s newspaper)

Alfred: (Shocked) Master Bruce!? I didn’t…I never knew… quite frankly, sir, I’m shock; no I’m beyond shock. (Still confused about the breakfast)

Bruce: Happy that someone else did breakfast other than you?

Alfred: No, not really. The last time a person tried to fix breakfast without me knowing was your mother.

Bruce: Guess we think alike.

Alfred: You’re definitely have your mother’s spirit and as well your father’s persistence.

Bruce: (Smiling while taking a bite off his plate) Why thank you! Come get some.

Alfred: I really don’t want to sir…

Bruce: Come on Al, at least try a taste of what I made. If you like it, I fix breakfast for the whole next week.

Alfred: What if I don’t…

Bruce: Well that’s what you, a well respected and deserved butler, do at your best.

Alfred: (Noticing the small smirk complement) Oh, why thank you Master Bruce. (Smiling and then getting a plate of his own)

(While Alfred is away to the counter getting his plate, we see Bruce smiling after what he told Alfred about; and he then continues eating his food while returning back to read the newspaper; then out of nowhere he hears his father’s voice…)

Voice: Bruce….Bruce…

Bruce: (Hearing the voice; sounding like his father) Dad?!

(Bruce sees Alfred, but he is continuing fixing his food and then Bruce looks back at the newspaper; however, he continues to hear the voice)

Voice: Bruce…Bruce…

Bruce: (Hearing the voice a second time; its then starts messing with his mind) Hello!?

Alfred: (Approaching to the table where Bruce is with his plate of food noticing Bruce) Master Bruce, you’re okay?

Bruce: (Hearing nothing back, he then hears what Alfred had to said) Oh…it’s nothing. It might be the food…

Alfred: Which you did made by the way. (Smiling)

Bruce: (Noticing the snarky comment back) Oh that’s funny. (Smiling while shaking his head all in fun)

(As we see Alfred smiling and heading back to his plate of food, Bruce about to get back to what he was doing and he then sees some sort of figure behind Alfred in the next room; the camera sees the man figure in the next room by the view of Alfred’s left shoulder and then we see its Thomas Wayne)

Bruce: (Seeing the man who look just his father) Dad?!

Alfred: (Seeing Bruce stunned about something as he is looking at something) Are you sure you’re okay, Master Bruce?

Bruce: (Noticing what looks like to be an apparition of his father, he then responds to Alfred’s concern) No Alfred, I’m fine.

Alfred: Good then; (getting a taste of the pancakes that Bruce made) very fluffy and (twirking his fingers) very textury.

Bruce: Textury? What that’s supposed to mean?

Alfred: I don’t know, but I like how I say it. (Smiling and heading back to his food)

Bruce: (As he finishes talking to Alfred he then notices the figure or apparition of what it surely been his father suddenly vanishes; as he continues to look at the area where he thought he saw his father, he continues to be stunned about what just happened the voices and the figure; all trying to figure out what is going on)

(Cuts to a very stunned and much pondered Bruce)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Corporate Building

(Cuts to a view of a cooperate building then inside)

  • Int. Lobby

(Cuts inside the building's lobby as we see a desk at the center, with the blonde receptionist working on her computer, and on the wall is a logo: 'Standford-Ruben Linguistics')

(Shifts to Jason entering and approaching to the desk)

Jason: Excuse me, I was noticing does this building execute linguistic-like software.

Receptionist: Yes we do.

Jason: Are you sure?

Receptionist: I'm positive. (Giving him a brochure) Our company was made twenty-four years ago and our CEO's Mr. Standford and Mr. Ruben both were highly educated into the field and both decided that the youth of Gotham needs the sounds of language.

(Jason was looking through the brochure as she was talking, and he continues to do it as she is still talking)

Receptionist: Our Company has a reason to give what the people want.

Jason: (After reading the brochure) I'm impressed. This takes a lot of bull to make this stuff up.

Receptionist: Excuse me?!

Jason: I like to meet Mr. Standford and Mr. Ruben; that's the main reason why I came.

Receptionist: If you thinking we are making this stuff up; go and check our website. It has the same information like the brochure and more if you think this stuff is bull.

Jason: I believe it is bull and until I find out the true reason; tell your two bosses, Jason Powers will be back. (After that, he walks out)

(The receptionist looks at him stunned knowing he said his full name and is walking out; she alerts someone on the phone)

  • Ext. Corporate Building - Outside

(Cuts outside as we see Jason still carrying the brochure, and he notices the title of the company; and grabs a pen to shift and change the meaning of the title: from 'Standford-Ruben Linguistics' he scratches out ndford and uben and as well ngustics--and the camera views the scratching; and then the aftermath: we see only Sta R and Li; feeling suspicious he adds x to the end and then we know Standford-Ruben Linguistics is Starlix)

Jason: (Feeling greatly suspicious about the stunning reveal)

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to another view of the manor)

  • Int. Trophy Room

(Cuts to the room where Bruce is standing in the center looking around the room as we see several dossiers with trophies and silver silverware; and he then notices this is the same room he saw the man he think was his father since this is the same room that is next to breakfast table in the kitchen)

(Bruce continues to look around and realizing he hasn’t been in this room since he was seven and then out of nowhere he sees his father’s apparition)

Bruce: Dad!

Figure: (Who the camera takes a close up view and it is some sort of ghost-like figure of Bruce’s dead father, Thomas Wayne) Bruce…Bruce…

Bruce: It’s me this is Bruce; what is going on.

Thomas (Ghost): Bruce, you need to watch out.

Bruce: Watch out for myself?! What are you talking about?

Thomas (Ghost): What are you talking about watching out for yourself?

Bruce: That’s what you mean. Right?

Thomas (Ghost): (Shaking his head in disagreement) No, it’s not you that you need to watch out for…

Bruce: Well not me; what then?

Thomas (Ghost): The crystal.

Bruce: Crystal?!

Thomas (Ghost): It’s hard to explain, but the blue crystal is what you really need to watch out for my son because soon the potential damage this crystal can cause; it will destroy the city. Victor failed to understand my knowledge and Project Avalon….

Bruce: I know about the project and I found out Victor tried to revived it again months ago, but the crystal…

Thomas (Ghost): What is it? You touched the crystal?

Bruce: I did...

(Then we flash quickly to a flashback in “Avalon” as we see, we see Bruce and Victor touching the blue crystal at both of the two endpoints as all of suddenly the crystal glows brightly and blasts both of them to opposite sides and flashes a white ominous light; then we flashes back to present day)

Bruce: I remembered; I touched the crystal as well Victor and then all of sudden everything went blank and I woke up three weeks after what just happened.

Thomas (Ghost): Wait, you woke up three weeks after you touched the crystal.

Bruce: I did; somehow it caused me having a short-coma, yet I just thought about it. The crystal may have done something to Victor as well because he was the one who did touched as well. I got to find him.

Thomas (Ghost): No son.

Bruce: (Stopping strangely) Wait, what you mean no. I know you two aren’t the best of friends but he is out there in the world heaven knows if he remembered what happened.

Thomas (Ghost): Leave him be; the crystal’s powers brought Victor something he never thought he had a new lease on life.

Bruce: Wait, my father…my real father would never leave a helping man down.

Thomas (Ghost): Victor Powers is no ordinary helping man.

Bruce: Well I’m sorry; you’re not alive, so I’m going to seek him.

Thomas (Ghost): Son! No means no. A man needs to pick his battles.

Bruce: I’m not a man yet, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t forget the battles.

(Alfred walking in the room seeing Bruce)

Alfred: Master Bruce, feel chilly?

Bruce: Excuse me?!

Alfred: You been talking to yourself, I felt you must be cold since this room is damp.

(Bruce sees the room any only sees Alfred and himself in the room; the apparition of his father suddenly disappears)

Bruce: (Suddenly feel weird what just happened and figure if that was real or he was dreaming about his father)

Alfred: (Seeing Bruce in some sort of distress, he then talks to himself quietly) I feel so helpless.

  • Ext. Unknown Building

(Cuts to a mysterious building that looks very similar to a warehouse)

  • Int. Lab

(Cuts inside to a unknown secret research lab as we surprisingly see Lucius going undercover as a undercover scientist reluctantly helping the other scientists working some sort of blue crystal—unknowingly to Lucius, this is the same crystal that Victor used to power Project Avalon and the last time we saw it was when we saw Victor and Bruce at the alpine warehouse)

(As Lucius continues his undercover work, he notices one scientist, a female, and he see her nameplate…”Dr. Ellen Luneburg”; as she about to leave the lab, Lucius still disguised as a scientist follows her)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Lucius going undercover as a scientist walks alongside a female scientist as they walk out of the lab)

Lucius: Dr. Luneburg?!

Dr. Luneburg: Yes, and you are…

Louis (Lucius): Louis…Santiago. Dr. Louis Santiago.

(They shake hands and then the female scientist ponders about his history in the lab)

Dr. Luneburg: I haven’t heard about you, nor I never seen you in the lab with the others.

Louis (Lucius): I just been recruited two weeks ago; I was getting the training and luckily I pass and here we are. (Smiling)

(The camera view another female opening a swinging door)

Dr. Luneburg: (Smiling back, she then sees the woman) Listen doctor, I have to go, but I assure we will help each other in the near future.

Louis (Lucius): I hope so too.

(Dr. Luneburg seeing the scientist again and then walks to the other female waiting for her and then they wander off)

Lucius: (Still undercover, he tries to remember what is his original task and then he heads back inside the lab)

  • Int. Leo’s House - Leo's Bedroom

(Cuts to Leo's room as we see him typing something on the computer and we then see Jason appearing)

Leo: (Seeing him in much of surprise) Whoa! Jase, what are you doing here?

Jason: (Replying back) Sorry for the inclusion but Bruce told me if I ever need to find some quick research about, I can get to you.

Leo: Really?!

Jason: Yeah, you're like a human Google.

Leo: Really?!

Jason: (Understanding what he just said to Leo) Okay, I need you to look up a place for me.

Leo: Sure, anything for a friend. (The camera sees Leo's computer screen as we see the mouse cursor pulling out of what Leo is doing and then search for the place Jason is inspired) Alright what is it?

Jason: Can you find a Standford-Ruben Linguistics website for me. (Giving Leo the brochure he found at the building)

Leo: (Receiving it) Okay; it'll be a mere five second span.

(After five seconds, there is nothing on the linguistics place)

Leo: As far as I can see, there is no reference of a Standford-Ruben Linguistic website.

Jason: Sure?

Leo: (Checking it again) Promise.

Jason: Thanks! (Grabs the brochure back and leaves while pondering about the place)

Leo: Yeah maybe one day I could... (Seeing him gone) ...visit your place. (Wondering)

(Cuts off to Leo)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Street – Rave

(Cuts to a street near Rave as we see Bruce walking to it)

(As Bruce continues to walk he suddenly sees his father’s apparition again and as Bruce tries to get a closer view, the figure disappears; Bruce gets confused and wonders the only place that might has the answers is the cemetery where his father’s remains and mother’s are, and he might he see the apparition again; however, he pitstops inside Rave to check on Julie)

  • Int. Rave - Bar Counter

(Cuts inside of the Rave then to the bar counter as we see Julie working out a few details and seeing Bruce approaching)

Julie: Hey!

Bruce: Hey back, what are you doing?

Julie: Tiding up before opening up the place...which is the next hour. You are going to stay long.

Bruce: Naa, I have to go to the ce...the central park.

Julie: For what?

Bruce: Just for a walk.

Julie: (Pondering) I wonder what has been going on with your mind lately...

Bruce: I understand; I have been not like myself lately; but after this trip to the park it will all change.

Julie: That's cool.

Bruce: (Heading out, yet stops for something) You know what Julie!

Julie: (Heading back to what she was doing, then she hears Bruce) What?!

Bruce: (Hiding his feelings; hesitating) I like you as a friend.

Julie: (Looking at him then smiles and hesitates into saying it while remembering that dream and kiss she had with him, and she then just says it out of the blue) I love you!

Bruce: (Surprised) As a friend?!

Julie: No, I love you. I really do; I have feelings for you and I just didn't share it when it was the right time.

Bruce: (Stunned, shocked, and surprised as he is not saying a word)

(Cuts off to a shocked and stunned Bruce)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the Manson)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to a hallway as we see Jason looking through folders and then we see a man approaching him)

Man: (Holding up a digital recorder) Jason…Jason Powers?

Jason: That’s me; who the hell are you? And how you got into my house away from the security?

Man: I told him I know about Victor Power’s location and they let me in.

Jason: (Seeing if he is right) You were serious about knowing the exact location?

Man: Not exact, but close.

Jason: Get out! (Heading out)

Man: Come on! Listen, the name is Dex Hampton.

Jason: You must be joking!?

Dex: Yup, I’m the man with the worst mouth working with the Inquisitor.

Jason: Yeah, that piece of trash. Didn’t I remember the Daily Planet out-trump your paper nearly in every category besides the Worst Paper in the World.

Dex: Oooh, I’m quivering. Listen, Jase, Jason, or whatever you want me to call you.

Jason: I don’t want you to tell me jack. Security!

Dex: Alright, I may have the news of the century that could shake this city apart baby.

Jason: Listen hag, I got something important to do elsewhere. So dealing with you, is like dealing with a naked molerat.

Dex: (Listening) I’m not naked! (Smiling)

Jason: Keep it up and Metropolis won’t be expecting one of their reporters, but my bad I don’t think Metropolis actually matters.

Dex: I got news…and if I can’t tell this to you, I find another.

Jason: Go right ahead, I give you my blessing.

(Security walking towards them)

Jason: Take out the garbage.

(The guards grabs Dex’s shoulders and proceeds to taking him out)

Dex: Hey, this won’t be the last time you will see Dex Hampton!

Jason: I think I’ll pass. (Smiling; he heads out)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(Cuts as we Leo stepping out)

(As Leo heads to his car, the car suddenly blows up; Leo thrown to the ground as he sees his precious car blown up and then he sees across the street as his neighbors approaches to see the disaster…he notices Mr. Bryant waves his hand, smirks, and walks away)

Leo: (Knowing Mr. Bryant did something) It’s on… (Getting pissed; he balled up his fingers in a tight fist)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the Rave)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts to the lounge as we see Julie just looking straight and then Mira comes in and notices her by the lounge couch)

Mira: Hey Julie, what are you doing there? The place is about to be open any minute now.

Julie: I just needed a break.

Mira: Okay, I’ll be in the back. (About to head to the back)

Julie: (All of suddenly) I told him…

Mira: (Stopping after hearing that statement; turning around to Julie) Told who?

Julie: I told Bruce I loved him.

Mira: Okay, friend to friend right?!

Julie: (Looking at her not replying on that remark)

Mira: (Seeing her eyes and noticing that wasn’t what she meant) Oh! (Surprised when she found out what Julie actually meant by it) Well, what he said?

Julie: He just stands there not even saying one word.

Mira: Weird.

Julie: And when I say “I really do love you”, he walked out.

Mira: (Stunned, but surprised) No!

Julie: I don’t know what to do.

Mira: Well since, Bruce didn’t offer his opinion, I will just say the past is in the past finally, and let’s think about the present. The place will be open in the next minute, so let the real fun begin.

Julie: (Remembering something) If you want to use the phone, I’m waiting for a phone call.

Mira: I don’t need it, so go ahead…and just so curious, who are you expecting?

Julie: Someone.

Mira: (A little surprised about it, but thinks about the opening and heads to the back)

(We shift back to Julie as we see her still sitting on the lounge, while thinking about what just happened between her and Bruce, and remembering about the phone call she is expecting)

(Cuts off to Julie as we start hearing the song “Innocence” by Avril Lavegrine beginning to play)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to a spectacular view of the city as we continuing to hear the song “Innocence” by Avril Lavegrine)

  • Ext. Gotham Cemetery

(Cuts to the cemetery as we see Bruce heading towards his parent’s tombstone as we continue to hear the song playing)

(Cuts to see the cemetery and we see Bruce kneeling near a tombstone and views it; as we see its "In the Loving memory of THOMAS AND MARTHA WAYNE")

Bruce: (Seeing the tombstone and talking to what he hopes is his father’s apparition) Listen father, I hope you are listening…I don’t know what is going on, but I want to know why I can’t find the only person who knows some truth to this mess. I want to know the truth, father! Tell me!

(The song continues)

Bruce: (As we suddenly see some tears in his face) Why is this crystal so sacred? Why is it so dangerous that I need to watch out? Why can’t I search for Victor? Tell me.

(The camera views the tombstone then back to Bruce about to breakdown)

Bruce: (Starting to yell and unknowingly crying about what is this distress he has) Please, I want to know! I’m your son! I was there when you and mom got shot right in front of my eyes…I was there, but I didn’t save you! And now I have to see that image everyday for the rest of my life. I regretted I was there and you had to die, but why! I lost the two most important figures in my life; I need you! I need mom! (Getting angry and starting to punch the tombstone out of anger) I wished that didn’t happened…I wish you two were still alive because right now I need you…I need both of you. (Getting angry again) Why you left me…why you had to go, I need you…I need you…

(As we see Bruce continuing to breakdown and as the song is reaching to the end, we suddenly see a dark brunette female walking to Bruce)

Bruce: (As we see tears running down his face, he is still upset to his parents) I need you... (Looking up to the female; he gets up from his knees and heads to her)

(As the song is about to end, he approaches her in a desperate hug; the camera shifts to see the female’s face who is none other than Leslie Thompskins)

Bruce: (Still hugging her in rejoice) I need you! I really need you!

Leslie: Don’t worry Bruce, I’m here…I’m not going anywhere.

(The camera zooms out and cuts off as we see the tombstone and Bruce and Leslie still hugging)

(Fades out as well the song “Innocence” ends)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to a view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside to the foyer as we see Alfred starting his normal sweeps with his duster, and then he hears a knocking)

Alfred: (Opening the door)

(Shifts to the view of the Inquisitor reporter, Dex Hampton)

Alfred: And you are?

Dex: This is the Wayne residence? …what’s left of it?

Alfred: (Seeing that was an insult) I beg your pardon!

Dex: I need to talk to a Bruce Wayne.

Alfred: I’m sorry, but Master Wayne is not here. I let him know one of the members of the Rat Pack escaped.

Dex: I’m sorry, but I’m Dex Hampton, I worked for the Inquisitor.

Alfred: Oh; the only paper we get here in Gotham is the Gotham Times.

Dex: I’m from Metropolis.

Alfred: So why are you here?

Dex: To grab a big story; and I notice Bruce’s father, Mr. Thomas Wayne as well Mr. Victor Powers, were both partners of something…a very secretive project.

Alfred: Well I’m sorry, Master Wayne, do not know any of this. Since Master Thomas passed away a long time ago, and Mr. Powers missing I guess you need another big story.

Dex: Well not for my convenience, I researched this story I had brought you upon and there is a rare blue crystal that is some sort of power source for this so-called abandoned project.

Alfred: I’m sorry, but I do not know anything else. Sorry. (Closes the door)

(Cuts to the porch as we see Dex truly upset that he can’t talk to the Wayne boy, but he suddenly thought of something)

Dex: (Talking to himself) Well I guess I have to find my story. (He grabs out his Verizon Envy2 and sees some location in Star City; he puts his phone away, smiles, and walks away)

  • Ext. Park – Arching Bridge

(Cuts to a view of a park near the cemetery as we see Bruce and Leslie walking across the arching bridge)

Bruce: Where you been these few months?

Leslie: I had to go back to Metropolis, because one of my closet friends was ill…and I wanted to be by her side. Something I should have done for Thomas and Martha.

Bruce: (Stunned about what she just said)

Leslie: Bruce, you’re not the only one who expressed the anger of not being there to save them.

Bruce: I do, but I was there.

Leslie: But you were a seven year old boy; if you were older, the scenario would have been different.

Bruce: And my parents would still be alive. (Continuing walking across the bridge)

(Leslie seeing Bruce still down; and trying to figure how to straighten him out; she runs in front of him)

Leslie: Bruce, wait!

Bruce: (Seeing what she had to say)

Leslie: The world is full of terror; there are secrets out there that can hurt everyone around us. Those secrets can hurt, and even worse, they can even kill. What matters worse, we never see it coming. What we don't know is that this is our destiny.

Bruce: Destiny.

Leslie: Your parent’s destinies were long written before they died, and they both completed it triumphant. However, one of their main goals is for your safety and for you to complete your destiny.

Bruce: And I haven’t.

Leslie: Don’t be surprise in what you hear, your destiny may come where you least expect it.

Bruce: I can expect to see you for dinner.

Leslie: (Trying her best to tell him) I can’t…

Bruce: No you are going to make it; come on. I need you.

Leslie: The only person that can help you is you; and if you need somebody close to you to protect you, you have Alfred.

(As we see Bruce, Leslie continues to talk off screen)

Leslie: Alfred is like a second father to you Bruce, if you need someone to be by your side in your time in need…Alfred is going to be there. That’s what he promised your parents and as myself, promised to keep a watchful eye on you.

Bruce: But…

Leslie: Bruce, you have a long way to go in order to complete your destiny. Until then, Alfred and your friends will always be there beside you.

Bruce: Always.

Leslie: (Smiling) Always.

(She then kisses Bruce on the forehead)

Leslie: Goodbye my godson, see you later. (About to head out)

Bruce: And when is that later.

Leslie: (Turning around) You will see, I will always be with you. (Blows a kiss)

Bruce: (Catching it)

(Leslie smiling, turns around, and walks away)

(Cuts off to Bruce as he see her walking away until she is needed again)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Jason talking to a man with glasses)

Jason: You found anything about Standford-Ruben Linguistics.

Man: I did, sir. (Giving him a manila folder)

Jason: (Opening the file and raises a blank paper) Rogan, what is this?

Rogan: That is Standford-Ruben…nothing. I researched again, and again, and again…there is no fundamental evidence to support that company is real.

Jason: (Knowing it has to be only one thing) Starlix.

Rogan: Sir?

Jason: (Seeing Rogan) I want you to give me everything you can dig up on Starlix and I want to know if Standford-Ruben is connecting somehow.

Rogan: Yes sir. (Getting up and retrieving the folder)

Jason: (Sees Bradson, he looks to Rogan) You can go.

(Rogan agrees and starts walking away, as Bradson enters, we see Rogan exiting with security)

Jason: Bradson, what is this? I thought you was watching over PowerCorp.

Bradson: Speaking of, I have something for you sir. Something that you never expected would come so quickly.

Jason: What is it?

Bradson: (Giving him the file)

(Jason sees it and goes over it and is shocked)

(Cuts off as we see Jason seeing the file then looking at Bradson stunned)

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce's Room

(Cuts to the manor then to Bruce's room as we see him looking through family photos of him and his parents; then he sees an figure next to him)

Bruce: (Seeing the person) You... (In shocked)

(The camera views Bruce in the far back then we see the person is a female and we only see her backside and her blonde-brown hair)

(The female reveals to be Gina Faust)

Bruce: Gina?!

Gina: Hey Bruce.

Bruce: (Standing up) What are you doing here… I thought Alfred…

Gina: He let me in; he was a little stunned… (Walking around) but he wasn’t that surprised to see me here.

Bruce: Which leads me to my question, why are you here?

Gina: I left because my past came back and bite both of us.

Bruce: Yeah, one of my closet friends had to be kidnapped by a person who knows you.

Gina: And I was sorry for that; I came back here in order to see if there was a spark that can revive our relationship.

Bruce: You lost that a long time ago.

Gina: I’m sorry. Listen, I’m also here because I’m a different person.

Bruce: You are?

Gina: Bruce come on, trust me.

Bruce: (Thinking about the times he had with her)

Gina: I know I did a lot of terrible things in the past, and I am shameful of doing them, but please Bruce let the past be in the past.

Bruce: I’m trying. (Not knowing he was also talking about his past)

(Gina feeling sorry and then we see Bruce sitting on the end of his bed and then we shift back to Gina as she her phone is beeping)

Bruce: (Seeing her doodling with her phone) Gina…

Gina: (Looking at her phone and then seeing Bruce, I have to go)

Bruce: (Thinking about something) Gina wait!

  • Int. 2nd Floor Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see already see Gina going down the stairs reaching the front door)

(Before Bruce can do anything else Gina leaves)

(Cuts off to a bewildered Bruce)

  • Ext. Coffee Shop

(Cuts to the shop as we see Mr. Bryant walking out of the shop with his coffee)

(As Mr. Bryant continues to walk to his car, he suddenly gets out of the car immediately as he smells a horrible smell from inside and he mistakenly drops his hot coffee on himself)

Mr. Bryant: (In pain reeling from the scolding coffee) Ouch! What the… (He then sees Leo across from the street)

Leo: (Smiling, he raises a sign “Smell Ya Later!” he walks off)

(Cuts off to a pissed Mr. Bryant)

  • Int. Unknown Lab

(Cuts to the unknown lab as we see Lucius still undercover as Dr. Luis Santiago; as he is continues to help the others with their research, he sees Dr. Luneburg coming back from inside; he tries to go by her, but gets stop by another scientist)

Doctor: Dr. Santiago?

Luis (Lucius): (About to head to her, until he notices the other scientist) Yeah, that’s me.

Doctor: I was wondering when your shift ends?

Luis (Lucius): (Seeing his watch) Any minute now.

Doctor: Good, can you take over my shift for me.

Luis (Lucius): But, I have… (Seeing Dr. Luneburg heading somewhere)

Doctor: Dr. Santiago?

Luis (Lucius): I got to go…listen I will take your shift okay, but let me do this!

Doctor: Okay! But be quick!

Luis (Lucius): (Waving his hand)

(Shifts to another part of the lab as we see Lucius hiding behind a bunch of plastic barrels and then he see something fishy; the camera views as we see Dr. Luneburg discussing something with a middle-aged man in a black suit; he gives her ten thousand in cash as she gives him a flashdrive; Lucius is stunned to see this and he something)

Dr. Luneburg: Do know what is in that drive?

Man: I do. And my boss will be considerate in you deal, Dr. Luneburg.

Dr. Luneburg: Good, because I won’t be there when you guys hack into Project Zephyr.

(As they continue to discuss and Lucius hiding overhears one word that is familiar to him…Zephyr; he remembers a project one of his fellow colleagues was working on at Wayne Labs and the name is coincidently Zephyr)

(Cuts back the deal is done and then we see the man heading out with the flashdrive; Lucius seeing it from a tiny angle and then see the doctor noticing no one watching her heads out as well; Lucius seeing the coast is clear)

Lucius: (Feeling something is wrong this picture; he grabs out his phone and calls someone; on the phone) Hello…yeah, it’s me Lucius…I think you need to come; no my cover wasn’t blown, but I do have a trace on the missing project Zephyr)

(Cuts off to a still-stunned Lucius as he holds his phone on his ear)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Star City - Evening

(Cuts to a view of the city and then the sign "Star City")

(Then cuts to the view of a ditzy hotel called Renaissance)

  • Int. Renaissance Hotel – Room

(Cuts inside a hotel room as we see Dex Hampton arriving from Gotham to Star City, seeing his phone brought him to this place… he sees a man, who is rugged and then we notice its Victor Powers near the windows)

Dex: Are you Victor Powers?

Man: (Turning around to see the man) My name is Jacob Zimmerman not this so called Victor Powers.

Dex: You definitely look like him.

Jacob: Who are you?

Dex: The name is Rex Hampton; I’m from Metropolis…the Inquisitor.

Jacob: And your mission?

Dex: My mission is to finally get a big break on my story. And I know you Victor…I mean Jacob. But I think this might help you down your memory path.

Jacob: What?!

Dex: This! (Giving Jacob a manila folder)

(As Jacob the man we know is Victor retrieves the file, he sees it a huge red title; codenamed Avalon… he turns around to the view of the windows as we all of suddenly gets caught in a flashback)

  • Int. Flashback – PowerCorp – Victor’s Office

(Cuts to a flashback of April 14, 1998 six months before the death of the Waynes, we see Victor Powers drinking scotch looking at the big glass windows and then we see Thomas Wayne opening the doors getting mad about something)

Thomas: Victor!

Victor: (Turning around) Thomas, what’s going on? Why are you here?

Thomas: I’m here for this.

(The camera sees Thomas throwing a folder down on the desk)

Victor: (Seeing the file Avalon) Okay its Avalon, what’s the point.

Thomas: The point is I canceled the project a year ago…how in the world that project got reinstated without my knowledge.

Victor: I’m sorry, but don’t forget my friend, this project was created from the both of us. Seeing that we have some creative disagreements you wanting to terminate it, while I…

Thomas: Create mass murder.

Victor: Excuse me?!

Thomas: That crystal we been searching for, how long you been tracking it.

Victor: I can’t say.

Thomas: Well I do. You spent almost $30 Million and about three years searching for that artifact you will never have. That’s the number one reason why I want to terminate this project. Using that crystal is dangerous.

Victor: And who are you, my father.

Thomas: No, I used to be your partner and frankly I thought I was your friend.

Victor: Friends don’t turn their backs on well-deserving projects.

Thomas: Well friends don’t blackmail other younger businessman in order to use their resources for your personal gain.

Victor: (Seeing Thomas undercovering his dirty laundry) About that…

Thomas: Forget it; you didn’t think your past will come back at you my friend. Oh, I need to stop calling you that, because frankly you are not the man I thought I trusted.

Victor: I was and let me be again. We can work together and re-change Avalon’s format; start from scratch. What you say?!

Thomas: You loss it. (Heading out)

Victor: And where you going?

Thomas: Doing what I do best, helping people.

Victor: What about me? The crystal? Avalon? Our partnership?

Thomas: They all are in the trash. (Leaving)

(Seeing Thomas leaving for good leaving everything they worth up to do down in the drain; he grabs the folder and stamps [REJECTED] and throws it in the desk big drawer)

Victor: (Talking to himself) This isn’t over; not by a long shock. (He then views the big glass windows)

(Flashes back to the present)

  • Int. Renaissance Hotel – Jacob’s room

(Flashes quickly back to the room as we left off seeing Victor or the man called Jacob holding the file and then we see Dex getting out his electric recorder)

Dex: So, how about that real story.

Jacob: (Seeing him and then feeling weird) What is going on?

Dex: You’re okay?

Jacob: I don’t know.

Dex: Are you sure, because I really want to know how your friendship with Thomas Wayne is now ten years ago.

Jacob: (Hearing that remark) It’s in the trash.

Dex: Jacob?

Man: I don’t know who the hell is Jacob, I’m not Jacob, and my name is Victor Langston Powers.

Dex: The true Victor Powers have come back; I’m honor to finally meet you.

Victor: (Seeing this place) What happened to me?

Dex: Maybe telling your story about Avalon and the crystal will rejog those memories.

(As Victor sees him pushing the recorder to Victor’s face, the camera sees Dex trying to get the scoop and then a shot fired as we see a bullet hole in the center of Dex’s forehead; he collapses instantly)

Victor: (Totally stunned on what just happened; he looks up to see who done it and it was none other Bradson)

(We see Bradson putting down his gun, and approaches to Victor)

Bradson: Are you okay sir?

Victor: I’m fine... (Judging a second time) I think. Are you…Bradson?

Bradson: Yes sir; it’s time to go home.

(Cuts off as we see Victor a little bit surprised about that statement)

  • Int. Secret Lab – Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway of the secret lab as we see Dr. Luneburg heading somewhere, we then see Lucius still undercover as that scientist Dr. Luis Santiago approaching her)

Luis (Lucius): Dr. Luneburg!

Dr. Luneburg: I’m sorry. (Continuing to walk)

Luis (Lucius): We need to talk!

Dr. Luneburg: I’m sorry doctor, I have to go.

Luis (Lucius): What about Zephyr.

Dr. Luneburg: (She stops in a frozen stance; she turns to hear that remark he just said)

(We see Lucius folding his arms; as Dr. Luneburg, notices she is busted somehow, she turns around but get blocked by two officers; then we see Det. Alder)

Det. Alder: Dr. Luneburg?

Dr. Luneburg: (Still shocked to see them) Yes!?

Det. Alder: You’re under arrest…

(Det. Alder turns the doctor over and arresting her)

Dr. Luneburg: You’re arresting me for what?

Det. Alder: (Cuffing her) For extortion, bribery, and forgery.

(The doctor feels like her life has already been over; Alder then takes her to the officers to be taken away; the camera shifts back to Lucius and Alder)

Det. Alder: You’re okay?

Lucius: Oh, I’m fine. I just want to know why this gig had to take so long.

Det. Alder: We knew this facility was holding a mole who was giving secret information about lost projects; I’m glad you joined in the fun.

Lucius: Fun? For weeks, and you call this fun.

Det. Alder: You haven’t been a police officer long enough to know this is usually a routine.

Lucius: Well for me, my lab is the only place I consider doing the snoopy business there. (Heading out)

(Alder follows, but then we see the other doctor from the last act appearing)

Doctor: Dr. Santiago….what about my break! (Still issuing about it)

Lucius: (Hearing him)

Det. Alder: (Listening as well; to Lucius) Dr. Santiago?

Lucius: This is why I can’t do this anymore. (Walking out)

(As Alder shrugs, she heads out as well)

(Cuts off to the other doctor still wondering if he would cover his shift for him)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor - Night

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Room

(Cuts inside Bruce’s room as we see Bruce and Leo discussing a few things about what happened today)

Leo: So I heard your godmother flew back in town.

Bruce: Yeah, but she soon flew right back.

Leo: Why did she came back?

Bruce: To put me in the right track.

Leo: And you think you are on the right track?

Bruce: I think so, but... (Sitting on his bed)

Leo: I hate that word; what you not telling me.

Bruce: (Looking at him) It’s Gina.

Leo: Gina in Gina Lewis?

Bruce: No, the other one… the one I dated.

Leo: Oh Gina the double-crossing slayer.

Bruce: First off Gina is no double-crosser, nor she is a slayer.

Leo: Dude, she tried to kill Victor. Even though, I was sad she didn’t finish the job. It doesn’t matter; all it matters is that the two people you thought would be away have a really good returning stamp address.

Bruce: Yeah I know. (Still feeling depressed)

Leo: Dude, what’s wrong? I know you were happy Leslie was back, shock Gina came back; what’s worse Victor coming back from the dead.

Bruce: No, Julie confessing that she loves me.

Leo: Confessing her love meaning…

Bruce: You know.

Leo: (Realizing what he meant) Oh! What you say back?

Bruce: Nothing, I left.

Leo: Dude, I hating saying this but I don’t like love triangles…and we all know where this is heading.

Bruce: What I’m going do. I have Julie confessing her love to me then there is Gina who just instantly shows up in the most unwelcome moment.

Leo: All I can say bro, is that let your heart lead the way. I feel sorry you got to be in the middle of this mess, but its life.

Bruce: So you saying I have to make a choice.

Leo: It doesn’t have to be the right one, but at least you know you chose it not by circumstances. Let your heart show you.

Bruce: Thanks bro.

Leo: (Shaking his head and then his phone beeps)

Bruce: Hey I forget to mention, Alfred told me you bicycled yourself here; what happen to your car?

Leo: Long story; I got to take this. (Heading to the door, but before goes out) Bruce, remember your heart matters. You know what to do.

(Leo then leaves out as we see Bruce feeling depressed after seeing the ghost figure who he thought is his father and now this thing about his love life; he realizes what he need to do; seeing what he has to do next, Bruce grabs his Verizon Chocolate 3 phone and is calling the girl he sees is the one)

  • Int. Rave – Back Room

(Cuts to the back room of Rave as we see Julie’s phone ringing, Julie getting it)

Julie: Hello?

  • Int. Motel – Gina’s Room

(Cuts to the inside of a motel and then to a room as we see Gina getting out of the bathroom and notices her phone is ringing; she grabs it)

Gina: Hello?

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to Bruce’s room as we see him successfully getting hold of the person)

(Cuts to a three-way splitscreen as we see Julie in the left, Bruce in the middle, and Gina in the right)

Bruce: Hey it’s me Bruce!

(Cuts back to a single screen as we see only Bruce)

Bruce: I know what I done was wrong, and I hope I could fix it. Actually, I trying to say is that I want to give this a try…I love you. I do, really do love you so much. All I can is that…can I come over?

(Cuts off to Bruce)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Gotham City – Night

(Cuts to see a view of the city at night)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(We see Leo looking at the sea and then he turns around seeing someone and is shock)

Leo: (Seeing who the person is) You!

Mr. Bryant: Surprise!

Leo: Sorry, I got to get the stitch off me.

Mr. Bryant: Oh that’s good; but how’s that car… burnt or extra crispy? (Smiling)

Leo: Listen man, I’m tired of this bull. I want to end this now!

Mr. Bryant: So be it. I thought that stint you done going undercover as a Red Dragon was so cool, but I forgot it can’t take a fool like you to understand the true meaning of our business.

Leo: (Pushes him) Want to fight because I know how to use some good old fashioned jujitsu.

Mr. Bryant: Come on big guy, (taunting Leo to get him) come on scaredy cat.

Leo: Alright… (About to lunge forward, but stops) I’m not like punks like you. (He turns around and starts heading out)

Mr. Bryant: You are the punk.

Leo: I don’t care, I know one thing my father taught me don’t be dicks like you. (Continuing to walk away)

Mr. Bryant: If you want go that route…

Leo: (As he continues to walk away he hears a gun clicking)

(The camera sees Mr. Bryant holding a caliber in his right hand)

Mr. Bryant: You want to fight, let’s fight. Want to walk; I’ll put a bullet straight to you.

Leo: (Thinking he’s bluffing, but he not) Whatever. (He continues to walk away)

Mr. Bryant: This is your grave…

(And after that we hear a gun fired…and we see a close up view as we see Leo shocked thinking that might be him)

Leo: (As we see a close up view of his stunned face as the gun fired, and then he tries to feel the gunshot wound)

(The camera zooms out as we see Leo feeling his stomach and everywhere but is amazed to see he has no gunshot in him…he then wonders what the thing that was fired and when he look at Mr. Bryant, he is shocked to see Mr. Bryant was the one who have the gunshot)

(We then see Mr. Bryant coughing out blood and drops his gun as it wasn’t the one that fired; he then glimpses Leo one last time and then Mr. Bryant falls into the river)

(Jason is shocked to see what just happened and is speechless to wonder who could have fire; he then checks to see if there is anyone around him in a close range that could have done it)

  • Ext. Docks – Hidden Area

(Cuts to a hidden area as we see a caliber gun attached to a sniper rifle and then we notice a name in cursive writing etched on the rifle “Belle”; the camera zooms to the sniper rifle’s scope and then zooms out as we see a red-haired female dressed in a black leather suit coming away from the scope and then moves the gun away; she smiles and then walks away)

(Cuts back to where we see Leo and Leo is still stunned and shocked of who could have done this; and then we hear the song “Say (All I Need)” by OneRepublic is already playing in the background)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to a view of the mansion as the song continues)

  • Int. Library

(We see Jason is about to get something to drink from the counter; as he then sees a person he didn't believe would be here)

Jason: (Seeing the person) Oh my…

(The camera views to see its Jason’s father, Victor)

Victor: Hello, son!

Jason: (Shocked and in disbelievement) ...Dad!?

Victor: (Heading to the bar where Jason is and grabbing a drink)

Jason: (Still stunned; he all of suddenly hugs him in delight) I miss you dad! It’s great that you’re back. (Grabbing his drink, he heads off)

Victor: (Saying to himself) It’s good to be back. (Sipping his drink while smirking)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Study Room

(Cuts inside to the study and as the song continues, we see Bruce sitting on the chair thinking about what he has done)

Bruce: (Thinking about the decision he made; he looks up to the portrait of his parents, smile, and heads out)

  • Int. Rave - Bar

(Cuts to Rave as the song continues then to the bar, as Julie is frantic worrying about the phone call she just had; then she hears something)

Voice: Julie!

Julie: (Thinking it’s the person; she turns to see another person) Matt.

Matt: Are those muffins for free?

Julie: They’re fresh baked and yes they’re free; you can take how many you want.

Matt: (Grabbing two out of a bunch) Thanks! (Heading to his table)

Julie: (Depressed it wasn’t the person; she walks out in the front to find out more)

(The song continues)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts outside of Rave as we see Julie heading out to check and see if this person is coming)

(As the song reaches to its highest level it still continues)

  • Int. Motel Room

(Cuts to the motel room as we see Gina either packing or unpacking her clothes from her bag, and then she hears a knock from the door)

Gina: (Opening up the door and sees who is behind it) So was that statement true?

(The camera sees its Bruce)

Bruce: What?

Gina: Do you really love me?

Bruce: I felt heartbroken about this, but you are the first person I felt in love actually. And I regretted letting it go, but now is time; I want to start over. I want us to start over; no more secrets, just a clean slate. What you say?

(The song reaching to the end)

Gina: I say…I love you too. (Smiling)

Bruce: (Smiling) So…

Gina: You want to stay tonight?!

Bruce: (Thinking) I’ll be honor to.

(As Bruce enters he sits on the edge of the bed, as Gina smiles at him she then closes the door; the door closes and we see a pitch black)

(Fades out as the song “Say (All I Need)” ends)

[Act V ends]


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