Companion is the eighteenth episode of The Young Knight season one.



  • Ext. Rave - Night

(Cuts to the view of Rave as we see a couple exiting out of the place and walking away on a sidewalk)

(We see them holding hands and walking off screen)

  • Ext. Apartment complexes – Sidewalk -Night

(Two hours later, cuts to the view of the apartments as we head to the sidewalk and see a man and a woman walking down the path as they are still holding hands)

(When they approach by the female’s apartment, the male stops walking)

Female: (Shocked) Nick?! What’s wrong?

Nick: Nothing…

Female: (Serious) Nick!

Nick: Alright, alright. It’s been what; Lydia, three months since we made love.

Lydia: I know. I love you Nick Chambers. And by the way, the sex was cool. (Laughing)

Nick: (Laughing as well) Yeah, it was cool. I was wondering…

Lydia: Wondering what?

Nick: (Kneeling down and getting out a ring) Will you marry me?

Lydia: (Shocked and confused)

Nick: (Waiting patiently)

Lydia: No!

Nick: (Stunned) No! What you mean no?!

Lydia: I’m not ready Nick, and I can’t believe you did this…now is the right time for you to do this.

Nick: (Getting up) Yeah this time is now. I’m ready!

Lydia: (Stunned) Well, I’m not!

Nick: Lydia, please lets talk about this.

Lydia: (Trying to forget) Nick, I have to go in and just think. (Heading up the porch stairs to her door)

Nick: So it’s over.

Lydia: (Almost opening the door; turns to Nick) No, it’s not over. But I think we should slow our relationship down. (Opening her door and closing it)

(The camera views Nick heartbroken, as we soon see the ring drops on the ground)

(He heads off screen)

  • Int. Lydia’s Apartment – Living Room

(Cuts inside her apartment as she heads across the room about to put the lamp on until she suddenly gets attacked an unknown assailant)

Lydia: (Screaming) Let me go!

(The fight between them continues until the masked man gets out a cloth filled with ether and layers it on Lydia’s nose; as she struggles to get out, the man holds her forcibly and gags her nose with ether as she then falls unconscious; he soon drops her on the floor)

(All we can see by her on the floor is the man’s boots as we see him walking away off screen; the camera zooms to Lydia still unconscious on the floor)

(The camera goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Night

(Cuts to the manor still at night)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside to the foyer as we see Gina coming out of the study as he soon sees Alfred coming downstairs with luggage)

Gina: (Confused) Alfred?

Alfred: Yes, Miss Faust!

Gina: Are those luggages.

Alfred: Well yes it is.

Gina: Care by telling me you’re going on a road trip.

Alfred: Well…

(Then we see Bruce)

Bruce: We both are going to Detroit.

Gina: Detroit? You too? What’s going on?

Bruce: Gina, since Robin Wilden died in office my father’s company been slipping with the acting CEO, so I have to go to Detroit and find a replacement fast.

Gina: You doing it…you’re still in high school; you think a multibillion company need a teen to choose its boss.

Bruce: Well first off, I’m not going to do it. I’m meeting with a friend of the Board to do it; I’m only going because they need a face of a Wayne to prove their distress.

Gina: Oh…Alfred’s going too?

Bruce: Yup, only to help me with some things.

Gina: Mine by telling me how long is this trip and why I can’t come?

Bruce: (Feeling worried, he heads to her and puts both his hands on her shoulders) Gina, this is only business. And to prove my forgiveness, when I come back…we can pack up and spend an entire weekend at Napa just the both of us.

Gina: (Shocked) Napa! Only when you come back.

Bruce: Promise!

Gina: Fine by me.

Bruce: (Smiles at that statement)

(They then kiss)

Alfred: (Looking on) Guess, I’ll start loading the car with the bags. (Grabbing the bags and heading out)

(Bruce and Gina still kissing and then finish as they book look at each happily)

(Cuts off to them)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of the hangout)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside as we see Julie working out the bills)

(Shifts to a man standing out the entrance)

Man: Julie!

Julie: (Working until she hears the voice and is shocked when she hears it; she looks at the person) You! I thought I told you not the come.

Man: (As the man approaches further, we then see it’s the same man who knew her mother) Yeah you told me over the phone two weeks ago when I called you.

Julie: I was expected another call.

Man: Oh yeah from who? Your dead mother.

Julie: (Getting pissed) Listen to me, my mother is not dead and the how the hell you know the first place. That’s the reason why I called you weeks ago and miraculously called me back last week telling me that she’s close to your heart. First off, I have a father and he’s real I can prove it to you.

Man: It’s okay.

Julie: No, in fact, I don’t know your name. Let me guess, Robbie, Roger, Richard, Randall, Randy, Robert…

Man: How you know my name starts with an R?

Julie: Lucky guess.

Man: (Giggling) You got that from your mother.

Julie: (Not playing games anymore) Get out!

Man: Excuse me.

Julie: Don’t know the phrase, well let me enlighten you…leave now whoever you are until you tell me the truth!

Man: How about dinner tonight… (Giving her a card)

Julie: (Confused) What’s this?

Man: Address of a restaurant your mother loved right before she met your father.

Julie: How you know this?

Man: Find out tomorrow night. (Heading out)

Julie: When exactly?

Man: (As he heads out, he speaks) 7:00. (He then heads out)

Julie: (Confused about everything; she unwittingly throws the card up not knowing what to do)

(Cuts off to Julie)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to the building)

  • Int. Upper Hallway

(Cuts to a hallway as we see Lucius Fox walking and he then crosses path with Victor Powers)

Lucius: Victor, do you have a death wish or something, but what are you doing here?

Victor: (Smiling) Just having meeting with the acting CEO.

Lucius: Well I hope you haven’t notice he is being replaced with Wilden’s successor.

Victor: Oh! (Acting surprised) I didn’t know.

Lucius: Stop the bull Victor, of course you know. How well scum like you winds up as a business king.

Victor: Look who’s talking, doc. Guess the pay you have now suck even worse when Wilden took control.

Lucius: No, the moment my 401K looked at you they were hiding in fear.

Victor: Don’t blame me with the current economic crisis, Gotham knows better that.

Lucius: (Not appreciating him at all)

Victor: (Tucking his coat collar) Especially you. (He smirks with that evil-like grin and leaves) Good day, Fox.

Lucius: (Getting sicken with his appearance)

Victor: (Pressing the elevator button to go down; he turns back) You know Lucius, since the board is finding the new big gun…

(Lucius looking at him and listening)

Victor: …I think you should work for a suitable company….like mines. (Smiling as he heads inside the elevator; he waves at Lucius as the elevator doors closes)

(We then see the elevator lights above signaling down as we shift to Lucius just angry that scum like Victor is still affiliating with this company)

(Cuts off to a mad Lucius)

  • Ext. Dark Room

(Cuts to total darkness as we hear the same woman we heard last time, Lydia, as she is moaning and yelling)

Lydia: (Yelling) What is going on?! I can’t see! Hello?! Hello? Is anyone in here…out there… anyone?

(Then we hear a voice)

Dark Voice: I’m here!

Lydia: (Shock and surprise of that voice) Who’s there? Can you help me?!

Dark Voice: I can’t!

Lydia: Why not?

(The light comes back on as we see Lydia tie on the wall in chains and she then notice the strange room she is in as she sees a metal table, and several torturing instruments)

(As she is about to turn her head, the camera shifts to all of a suddenly a figure dressed in a blackish brown robe and wearing a Silver skull mask)

Figure: (Talking softly) You’re not leaving.

Lydia: (Seeing the masked man and out of fright, she screams) Ahhhhhh!

(Cuts off to her screaming)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(Cuts to Leo’s house after an echo of Lydia’s scream and then to the peace and tranquil night then to his house)

  • Int. Leo’s Room

(Cuts inside to his room as he looks upon the bullet casing he found and notice the B on it; he heads to the police data and type the info on his laptop seeing if it can get him to any huge clue; two minutes later, the laptop has found something)

Leo: (Looking at the found file and is about to read, he is shock to see it) What!? It can’t be that place; (searches again for a better result, but when it comes the second time, the result is the same place he was disgusted by the first time) Guess I won’t make a third chance, I guess I have to go this place if I like it or not.

(Cuts off to a worried and disgusted Leo)

  • Ext. Club Zeta

(Cuts to the view of the late night club)

  • Int. Dance Floor

(Cuts inside to the club as we see Leo being outnumbered by dozen of Red Dragons)

Leo: (Kind of surprised) Hi there! (Waving his hand)

(Cuts off to the view of the Dragons)

  • Int. VIP Room

(Cuts upstairs in the private room as we see Kane and two girls hanging out; we then see Kane sniffing some kind of powder on the table as the girls are still lounging around him)

(We then see one of his men heading inside)

Man: Sir, I have someone to show you.

Kane: (Finishing sniffing he turns to his man’s attention; pissed off) What is it?!

Man: (Walks out the door and a minute later pushing Leo inside)

Leo: (After getting punched) Hey!

Kane: (As the girls are leaving after him telling them to get out, he turns to Leo) Well, well… look what I have here, if it isn’t Lee...

Leo: (Noticing Kane)

Kane: Or should I say Leo.

Leo: (Not that surprised) I figure you know I wasn’t the guy you hired last time.

Kane: Last time was different; this time is the present. What do you want?

Leo: (Hesitating at first, then he speaks) We need to talk.

Kane: (Figuring what is going on, he lies back on his couch) Well…let’s talk.

(Fades out)

'[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the front as we see Bruce about to head out until he runs into Jason)

Bruce: Hey, Jase.

Jason: Nice to see you man….or should I say adios; where you’re going?

Bruce: I got to go to Detroit.

Jason: Detroit? What’s in Detroit?

Bruce: The company’s new boss…it’s a long story.

Jason: Well before you go, I need you to look at something.

Bruce: Look at what exactly?

(We see Jason and then Bruce with a confused look)

  • Int. Study Room

(Cuts to the manor as we see Bruce and Jason looking at something while worrying)

Bruce: You’re joking about this right?!

Jason: Nope.

(The camera shifts to the view of a DVD player with a movie playing and it shows a recording of Jason shooting the cousin of Sconerzi)

Bruce: So you telling me, this FBI agent what his name Cutter wanted you to kill him.

Jason: No, I was thinking that Sconerzi had something to do with my dad’s disappearance and Cutter wines up learning about this and kind of blackmail me to let him help in order for me to help him somehow.

Bruce: You got to be kidding me. Remember the last time when a FBI agent went rogue.

Jason: Yeah I remember he almost blows up a funeral that wasn’t even a funeral.

Bruce: Fake one yeah, but there were real people.

Jason: All I know is that Cutter is putting this weight on my shoulders, and I don’t know when he is going strike.

Bruce: You told anyone about this; your father?

Jason: Nope, no one. You’re the only one.

Bruce: (Wondering) Why me?

Jason: You’re the only best friend I have that can be trusted.

Bruce: (Feeling proud) Thanks.

(Alfred showing up)

Alfred: Sir, the car is ready for departure.

Bruce: (Hearing him) Yes, Alfred.

(Alfred walking back outside getting ready to leave)

Jason: Listen, Bruce I know you need to do this first, but when you get back can push this issue as number one.

Bruce: (Thinking since he already promised Gina what he is going do when he comes back…and without hesitation) Okay. (He leaves)

Jason: (Feeling safe for now as he walks out as well)

  • Int. Club Zeta – VIP room

(Cuts inside the club then inside the VIP room as we see Leo and Kane)

Kane: So you telling me, that the bullet you found that killed this Mr. Bryant come from within this club.

Leo: No after explaining this almost countless of times, within your Red Dragons.

Kane: I don’t believe you.

Leo: Well believe it. You seen the bullet casing, you see the B on it.

Kane: Don’t get confuse in mixing B for a D.

Leo: I think B is the killer’s name. Know anyone with that name that starts with a B.

Kane: I don’t. Leo, you wasted your time here…

Leo: Wait, what time is it? (Seeing his watch) Tomorrow is today?!

Kane: Guess your explanation about this so called assassin was a mouthful. Never knew you could filibuster me in the morning.

Leo: I got to go. (Heading out without getting the bullet casing)

(Kane discovers this and picks up the casing as he gets out his phone)

Kane: (Speed-dialing a contact; he then hears the person he wanted to contact) I got the casing. We need to talk.

(Cuts off to a worry Kane)

  • Int. Building - Hallway

(Cuts to the inside of a building as we see a woman is exiting out a room and is running away; as she is about to reach to a far door, a figure steps in front of her)

(It’s reveal to be the masked figure with the silver skull wearing a robe from earlier as he is holding up some type of gun)

(The woman yells and runs the opposite way; the figure then shoots the strange gun; the woman then gets hit and falls unconscious)

  • Int. Strange Room

(Cuts inside a strange room as we see the same woman waking up from that fall and is fearing for her life noticing as we pan around the room seeing some strange type of a jungle gym-like trap)

(As she tries to get up, the skull-masked man appears behind her talking in his dark voice)

Figure: Hello, Laurie.

Laurie: (Turning around and screams) Ahhhhh!

Figure: (Close up to his face cover with the mask as we see his eyes in a angry sight, but feels proud of what he is doing)

(Cuts off the figure)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside as we see Jason coming in looking for his father)

Jason: Dad!

(Looking at the desk as he sees a briefcase)

Jason: (Thinking it’s his father) Dad….

(But all of the suddenly, the chair turns around and we see its Agent Cutter)

Agent Cutter: Well, well, if isn’t Jason Powers.

Jason: What the hell are you doing here Cutter?

Agent Cutter: For what I came here all along, your trust….

(Jason trying to ignore him)

Agent Cutter: …and for my due. Remember Jason, I helped you now the time you help me is now.

Jason: (Fearing that Bruce, the only one he spoken about this is gone to Detroit, he has nowhere to go but to agree) I guess I don’t have no buts.

Agent Cutter: Good. Meet me at this address at this time and then you will see what you will owe me. (Leaving)

Jason: (Seeing the card while speaking to himself) I have a bad feeling about this.

(Cuts off to a worry Jason)

  • Int. Another Strange Room

(Cuts to another room as we see Lydia, the first woman, tied down to a table being restrained and then we see some torturing device mounting to her)

(Then we hear Laurie’s scream)

Laurie: (Screaming)

Lydia: (Hearing and wanting to know what is happening) Hello! Is anyone out there, any one.

(The masked figure walks in and heads rights by her)

Figure: It’s nothing but a hollar, my dear.

Lydia: Hollar my foot, I thought I heard another female scream.

Figure: You did. But before I torture you, you need to see the real face…the one you thought you dispose.

(We soon see Nick taking off the mask revealing himself to be the mask man)

Nick: This is our style. (Smiling)

Lydia: (Shocked) No…why, I didn’t say we’re over.

Nick: No, but when you said no to my proposal…I gave out my love to you and what you do, you destroy it. Destroy me. Now, I’m going to find my true love and you, my deal, is just yesterday news.

(As he put the mask back on…)

Nick (Figure): Time for some lovin’ my dear. (He gets ready as he preps the torturing device)

Lydia: (No where to go she nothing but screams) Oh my god! Help me! Help me! Ahhhhhhh!

(Cuts off to Lydia’s scared face)

  • Ext. City Park - Evening

(Cuts to the park as we see Gina walking alone across a pathway as she is wondering what Napa is going to be like once Bruce returns and he and her are going there soon)

(As she continues to walk, she stumbles by a man on accident)

Gina: I’m so sorry!

(The man turns around and we see its Nick)

Nick: That’s okay.

Gina: You’re sure.

Nick: Yeah. (Wondering) If I asked, are you alone tonight?

Gina: Frankly, yes, I was expected to do something tonight but due I’m basking as a single for now. (Walking away)

Nick: Well let me, walk with you.

Gina: Sorry, this solo is walking alone. (Heading out)

(As she heads out, she hears a dark voice)

Voice: I don’t think so.

(As she gets curious of what is that, she gets hit by a strange object; she then falls unconscious to the pathway)

(We close up to Nick as he is smiling after he is putting down his gun)

Nick; You’re next, my love.

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Rave – Night

(Cuts to the view of the Rave)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside as we see Leo checking for Julie)

Leo: Julie? Julie, we need to talk! Julie?!

(Wondering where she is, he checks the back and a minute later he comes from the back seeing that she’s not there)

Leo: (Wondering) Where is she?

(As he ponders on where Julie could have gone, he proceeds to leave the hangout unaware that someone else is watching him)

(Cuts off to the POV of the mysterious figure as he sees Leo leaving the place)

  • Ext. Le’Voe Restaurant

(Cuts to the fancy restaurant)

  • Int. Restaurant – Julie’s table

(Cuts inside as we see Julie wearing a light red dress as we see her sitting by a reserved table and checking for the man who requested this)

Julie: (Looking at her watch seeing its 7:15 and she was on time way before and notice he is nowhere to be seen)

(We then see the maitre’d approaching her)

Maitre’d: (Speaking in a French dialect) Madam, are you waiting for someone?

Julie: (Waiting) Yes, a man.

Maitre’d: Do you know his name?

Julie: I don’t know. He was the one who did this reservation; can you check your list for the name by the 7:00 appointment.

Maitre’d: (Checking) All I have is a Mr. Neil.

Julie: Mr. Neil?! (Thinking) That’s his last name….did you see Mr. Neil anywhere?

Maitre’d: No madam, I have not.

Julie: Thank you. (Getting up)

Maitre’d: I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Julie: No, that’s okay. Trust me; you’re not the one being inconvenient I assure you. (Dropping some cash on table) Good night. (Leaving)

Maitre’d: Good night, madam.

(Cuts off to the polite host)

  • Ext. Le’ Voe Restaurant

(Cuts back to the exterior of the restaurant as we see Julie proceeding outside and is walking to her left)

Julie: (As she is thinking, she wonders why the so-called person named Mr. Neil never show up)

(As she is still thinking of what just happened, she is all alone walking by herself and as she is heading off screen; the camera shifts to a unknown man, who is revealed to be Nick as he is following her)

(Cuts off to Nick following a unaware Julie off screen)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building at night)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside as we see Victor in a hallway near his office as he soon gets a message on his phone)

Victor: (Taking his phone out and then see a message sent by an anonymous individual; the text message goes by “Is it done yet?”)

(As Victor ponders on that mysterious message, he heads inside his office)

  • Int. Victor’s office

(Cuts inside to Victor’s office as we see Victor about to head in thinking to get something to drink until he sees Jason waiting for him)

Victor: (A little surprised to see him) Son?!

Jason: Dad…

Victor: What’s the matter?

Jason: I need to tell you something.

Victor: I have no time for this son. (As he heads to his mini bar)

Jason: This isn’t business. I’m…I’m in trouble.

Victor: What kind of trouble?

Jason: FBI.

Victor: Jason, are you kidding me?

Jason: No. There’s an agent…

Victor: (Pouring a glass bottle of Scotch in a glass cup) Jason, please go.

Jason: (Shocked) What?!

Victor: Leave son.

Jason: Dad, I need your help.

Victor: (Drinking from the glass cup) Help is for suckers.

Jason: A sucker huh; well, when I need the help the most and my best friend is not around, I was amaze to think that a father would help the only son he has.

Victor: Very dramatic. Go! Now!

Jason: Fine. (Heading out, but before leaving) Just remember, dad, if you really wanted a father and son moment…you just seen it being walked out of your life forever. (Finally leaving)

Victor: (As he sees his son leaving, he ponders about what Jason just said and as well the mysterious message)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts back to Rave as Leo is exiting)

Leo: (Still wondering where Julie is, he gets out his phone and proceeds to speed dial Bruce)

(But as the tone is ringing….thugs suddenly show up and ambush Leo; one of them knocks him out as others proceeds to take Leo inside a black van)

(We then see those a unconscious Leo being carry inside the van; as the camera gets a close up view on the thugs, we see one of thug’s arm with a red dragon tattoo and then as we see him and his fellow thugs entering the vehicle he shuts the black van door leaving us in darkness)

  • Int. Dark Scene

(Cuts to a dark scene as we only see total darkness and then we hear a female’s voice as its Gina’s voice)

Gina (voice): Wake up! Wake up!

(The camera then goes to a POV of a person who Gina is talking to as we see eyes opening)

  • Int. Another Strange Room

(Cuts to another strange room as this time we see its Julie waking up and Gina trying to alert her as both of them are restrained in wall chains as they are being held hostage because of Nick)

Gina: Julie, wake up!

Julie: (Waking up) What…what is going on?

Gina: You have no idea.

(We hear the dark voice)

Voice: Of course you don’t.

(All of suddenly the girls look at something out of fear; the camera sees the skull-masked man as he takes of his showing both of them he is Nick)

Nick: We belong together!

(Shifts back to Julie and Gina as they fear for their lives)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Int. Strange Room

(Cuts back to the strange room as we see its Julie and Gina still restrained in wall chains and then Nick is about to tell them something)

Nick: You two are by far the most interesting girls I have ever seen.

Gina: And you are a disgusting freak.

Julie: Why you abducted us?

Nick: To see if either of you is worthy to be my soul mate.

Julie: Trust me; my soul mate is definitely not you.

Nick: I’ll see to that.

Julie: What you mean?

Gina: What you mean by that?

Nick: I want to run a test, an interesting test in order to prove that one of you is destined to be my true love.

Gina: I don’t think neither of us wants to be your love; not even true love. If you say we are by far the most interesting, what happen to the previous girls; why don’t you check on them before you even think to consider both of us?

Nick: (Thinking about what she said) I’ll be back. (He then walks out for a little bit)

(Shifts back to Julie and Gina as Gina is thinking up something)

Julie: What are you doing?

Gina: Trying to get my phone and call Bruce.

Julie: And what will you tell him…that you and me are trapped in some kind of torture room and being held prisoners by a Rome-sicko.

Gina: Pretty much.

Julie: One problem, how are you going to get your cell, if…

Gina: Don’t worry. (Getting a iron pick from one her hands and then jimmy the lock holding right wrist and is set free)

Julie: But how?

Gina: While you figure it out, here (throwing the pick to Julie, who catches by her left hand just in the nick of time and she does the same thing) I’ll call Bruce. (Getting her cell and only with her right hand speeds dial Bruce’s number…)

  • Ext. Wayne Jet

(Cuts to the view of the jet)

  • Int. Jet

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce sitting on his lounge chair and notices on his Verizon Chocolate phone, that he sees a missed call from Leo)

Bruce: (Wondering what Leo wants, then sees Gina calling him; he answers it) Hey, you!

  • Int. Strange Room

(Cuts back to the strange room)

Gina: (Petrified in fear) Bruce, Bruce, baby help us!

  • Int. Jet

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: (Confused) Gina, what you mean help?

  • Int. Strange Room

(Cuts back to Gina)

Gina: I mean some psycho kidnapped me and Julie, and I don’t know what to do.

  • Int. Jet

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: (Understanding her fear and anguish) Okay, okay do you know where he took both of you?

  • Int. Strange Room

(Cuts back to Gina)

Gina: I don’t know. I just see a strange room around us and…

  • Int. Jet

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: (Hearing static) Gina, what else do you see? (Then the static turns to a silent sound; worrying) Gina! Gina!

(Alfred showing up)

Alfred: We are almost approaching Gotham… (Seeing Bruce upset) sir, are you alright?

Bruce: It’s Julie and Gina, they’re not. Alfred, take this phone to the pilot in there I want him to hack into my phone and track where that last phone call was originated.

Alfred: You sure sir?

Bruce: Yes, this jet has technology to hack into a phone to give out GPS. Can you do it?

Alfred: For Ms. Madison, I want to. (Bringing the phone to up to the pilot)

(Shifts to a confused and worried Bruce)

  • Int. Strange Room

(Cuts back to the room as we see Nick with Gina’s phone, he then drops it and steps on it not severely damaging the phone)

Nick: (Getting angry) You think that little ploy was going to work…I don’t think so.

(As we see Gina with her right hand free, but not her left we then see Julie as unaware to Nick, she has both her hands free)

Nick: If you want to know, those girls before you are dead both of them. I guess you two might be next.

Julie: Over your dead body.

(She then slide sweeps him on the floor and then gets up and knocks him out with a punch; as Gina finally releasing her left hand free)

Julie: Let’s go!

(Both her and Gina sprints off)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see the girls sprinting off trying to find safety)

  • Ext. Club Zeta

(Cuts to the club)

  • Int. Basement

(Cuts to the basement as we see Leo getting beaten senselessly by couple of Red Dragon goons and then Kane shows up)

Kane: That’s enough!

(Ordering his men to stop pouncing on a defenseless Leo, and as he is trying to get up)

Kane: You think you can fool me! (He kicks Leo in the gut as Leo falls to the ground)

Leo: (Coughing off some blood) What are you talking about?

Kane: You think you can make a mockery out of my organization.

Leo: Your organization? I thought your senile old father is running the show while you still crap in your diapers. (Laughing while still coughing hard)

Kane: (Getting pissed; he sucker punches Leo in the face) You son of a…

Leo: I guess you do know who the mysterious B is huh?! Is it a leprechaun, a mermaid, a little boy, a corrupt officer?

Kane: (Getting angry) While you…

Leo: (Being prepared)

(A figure from the squad heads in the front)

Voice: Hey choir boy.

Kane: (Thinking the person talking to him) What the hell…

(The figure then pepper sprays Kane in his eyes)

Kane: (Feeling the burn) Ahhhhhhh! (Screaming in pain as his men tries to help him)

Figure: Come on! (Grabbing Leo just in time and the both scrambles out of there)

(Kane barely opening his eyes and sees both Leo and his accomplice is gone; he is pissed and punches a whole at his wall)

(Cuts off to a furious Kane)

  • Ext. Kinetic Labs

(Cuts to the exterior view of a labatory as we see Jason waiting for someone and then we see Agent Cutter showing up)

Agent Cutter: Well, well, Jason you showed up.

Jason: I couldn’t well miss this.

Agent Cutter: I know. (Smiling)

Jason: You have me so what do you want?

Agent Cutter: I want you to do something for me.

Jason: And what’s that?

Agent Cutter: I want Zephyr. Your father still has EuroTron in his possession and you will give it to me.

Jason: I don’t believe you.

Agent Cutter: You have to.

Jason: You think I’m stupid and let you keep almost millions of dollars worth in terrorist finances.

Agent Cutter: I need that to eliminate the terrorist banks around the world and that is starting to make a plague to the United States.

Jason: (Confused)

Voice: Don’t give it to him, son.

(Jason turns to see where that voice came from and as well Cutter)

(Then out of nowhere Victor shows up)

Victor: I say don’t give it to him.

Agent Cutter: Stay out of this, Victor because I’m done with you. You are another story; right now your son owes me one.

Victor: And I’ll pay for it handful, but don’t you dare threaten my son while I’m around.

Jason: Dad…

Agent Cutter: How sweet, but he owes me one and your payment is not consider to equal this weight.

Victor: No, but the Internal Affairs Board as well the Attorney General will happily say afoot.

Agent Cutter: Are you blackmailing me?

Victor: Like you are doing to my son…you bet.

Agent Cutter: (Getting to Victor’s face) I’m trying not to bust you right now.

Victor: Well I wonder how Napoleon felt when he met his Waterloo. It seems if you don’t cancel this i.o.u thing, I won’t inform the IAB or the Attorney General’s office; however, if you want to keep this up, I guess all in due time you will face your Waterloo. (Smiling)

Agent Cutter: (Seeing Jason and then back to Victor with a disgruntled look) This isn’t over. (Leaving)

(As Cutter heads away, Jason heads to his dad)

Jason: (Feeling relieved) How did you…

Victor: One of closet friends works extensively in both the IAB and the Attorney General’s office; I just use the leverage.

Jason: You think he Cutter had leverage on me?

Victor: He did. Your little stunt in New York days before I was gone in my absence.

Jason: What?! He had that all this time.

Victor: He is the FBI; no matter how much corruption he has.

Jason: (Trying to forget) Thanks.

Victor: I know, but in due time you owe me one. (He heads out)

Jason: (Surprised to what his father just said)

  • Int. Boiler Room

(Cuts to a boiler room as we see both Julie and Gina heading inside and still out of fear, both trying to find a way to not let Nick get inside)

Julie: (Trying to shut door with stuff) What are we going do now?

Gina: Wait for Bruce, I hope.

Julie: How long do you think that will be?

Gina: I have no clue.

Julie: Well, if we die tonight…I always wanted to say that I hope we can be friends.

Gina: (Realizing what she said) I want to do that to.

Julie: Well, let’s be…

(Before she say anything else, Nick tries to rams the door and continues hard enough as Julie and Gina both trying to stop him; before long, his arm bust through one of the two small door windows)

(Both of the girls screaming)

Gina: (Thinking while still budging the door to close) What now!

Julie: (Seeing a torch tool; she gets it and all of suddenly turns on the torch tool burning Nick’s arm, which is still looping around the broken window)

Nick (voice): Ahhhhhhh! (Grabbing his arm out quickly while screaming in pain) You b….

Gina: (Seeing that’s a good idea) Come burn the door handles so it could melt.

Julie: (Begins burning the doors)

(And thinking the threat is over, they both try to relax and minutes later the ceiling collapses by two pieces as Nick pop in)

Nick: Surprise!

Julie: (Screaming and then tries to kick)

Nick: (Holds her leg and pushes her down)

Gina: (Trying to find anything as a weapon)

Nick: (Pulls her hair and then slaps her)

(Gina collapses on the floor and then we see her having a busted lip)

Nick: (Grabbing a knife-like weapon, he heads to her and about to attack) All I wanted is to find my true love, my idea girl.

Gina: (Fearing for her life)

(Nick about to attack until he hears Julie)

Julie: Here’s your true love!

(Nick turning around)

Julie: (Surprises him and turns on the torch tool)

(The camera sees as the tool burns Nick’s face as he drops the knife weapon on a table)

Nick: (Screaming relentlessly) Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!

Gina: (Trying to get out the way until she side trips him)

(Nick falls back down as he is covering his face; yet incidentally knocks the table and the knife weapon flies in the air as the camera views it and then the knife weapon hits the one thing Nick couldn’t have imagine…his heart)

(Julie helps Gina up as they see Nick lying there dead)

(They eventually find a way out of the boiler room and leaves)

(Cuts off to the dead body of Nick)

  • Ext. Abandoned Foundry

(Cuts eventually to the outside of the terror inside as we see a abandoned foundry and we see an minutes later Gotham police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances showing up)

(Shifts to see both Julie and Gina fine as the camera shifts to the rescue cars and one of the police cars shows up as we see Bruce getting out of the passenger side and Alfred is pulling up in the Wayne’s limo car)

(Shifts to see Bruce noticing they are all right and then he heads to both of them)

(As we see Julie first, Bruce suddenly hugs her)

Bruce: (Feeling relieved) You’re okay.

Julie: Yeah. (Happy that he’s here) I’m fine.

Bruce: Good. (Hugging her again to make sure)

Julie: (And soon Julie gets the feelings of how much she loves him up again as they continue to hug)

(Gina is a one minute run away)

Julie: Bruce, I want to…

Bruce: (Seeing Gina)

Julie: (Continuing her statement) I want to let you know that I…

Bruce: I have to see Gina. (He then heads to her)

Julie: (Kind of shock but noticing he would eventually get to Gina)

(We then see Bruce and Gina rejoicing with each other as they both hug and kiss)

Bruce: You’re okay!?

Gina: Yes!

Bruce: Thank goodness, you’re alright.

Gina: (Smiling)

(Shifts to a kind of relieved, shaken, yet shocked Julie as she is seeing Bruce and Gina making up; we about to see a tear in her eye until Alfred shows up)

Julie: (Hugging Alfred and then heads back into seeing Bruce and Gina still making up)

Alfred: You’re okay, Ms. Madison?

Julie: Yeah, I am.

Alfred: (Watching her seeing Bruce and Gina) Don’t worry Ms. Madison; I have faith in you and Master Bruce. You’ll see.

Julie: (Hearing that guiding testament) Guess faith is all that I have left. (Heading away to one of the ambulances)

Alfred: (Worrying about her)

(As we see the camera in a bird’s eye view police officers and ambulance officers heading inside the foundry, Julie heading a ambulance truck, as a couple of other ambulance officers heads towards Bruce and Gina seeking Gina’s assistance, and then Alfred viewing the aftermath and heading toward Bruce and Gina)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Gotham High Gymnasium – Next Day - Morning

(Cuts to a view of the building)

  • Int. Gym

(Cuts inside as we see Leo waking up still feeling the bruises and sees the figure who saved him last night)

Leo: (Seeing the person) Who are you?

(The person takes off the hood who reveals to be Lindsey)

Leo: Lindsey!? You…why were you hanging out with the Red Dragons?

Lindsey: You tell me.

Leo: Me…I was just…

Lindsey: It’s okay.

Leo: For a second there, I was fresh meat to that pack of lions.

Lindsey: At least I save you.

Leo: Again. Twice you save my behind, and you deserve something in return.

Lindsey: Don’t worry I already got it.

Leo: (A little confused) What you mean?

(Lindsey smiles and then she leans over to him and kiss him on the lips)

Lindsey: See you! (Heading off)

(Cut off to a stunned Leo as the song “Breakdown” by Black Gold is playing in the background)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts to Bruce’s bedroom as we see Bruce wearing his pj’s as he is waking up from bed)

(As Bruce wakes up, he then notices Gina just coming in the room as she is wearing her pajamas and she then glances on Bruce seeing her)

Gina: Hey you.

Bruce: Hey. What time is it?

(Gina then getting on the bed and lying while resting on Bruce face down as the song continues)

Gina: It’s like 8:05 am.

Bruce: (Feeling sorry) I’m sorry about last night…

Gina: (Thinking about what happened last night) Don’t blame yourself for what happened to me; it wasn’t your fault, it was that Psycho-Romero.

Bruce: But if I didn’t bring you along with me, none of it would have happen.

Gina: Like I say, it wasn’t your fault.

Bruce: Either way to make it up for you…

Gina: I always wanted to go to Napa.

Bruce: (Getting out his phone as he types some numbers) And Napa is done, like I say a weekend just for the two of us. No psychos allowed.

Gina: (Smiling)

Bruce: Yet, I can give you your personal Napa experience. (Smiling)

Gina: How?

Bruce: Let me show you.

(Bruce then pushes Gina to her side of her bed and they kiss)

(Cuts off to them cuddling as the song continues)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside the library as we see Jason talking to Braxton, the financial advisor)

Braxton: I’m positive sir, that EuroTron was deactivated.

Jason: And when was that?

Braxton: Two weeks ago.

Jason: But how?

Braxton: I don’t know, sir.

(The song continues as we then see Victor showing up)

Victor: What is this?

Jason: Braxton, can you leave.

Braxton: Sure. (Heading out while greeting Victor) Mr. Powers. (He then exits)

Victor: So why did you have that financial clown over here?

Jason: First off, he’s mines. Second, did you deactivate EuroTron?

Victor: And how by god do you know that?!

Jason: A birdie told me.

Victor: I hope he have wings.

Jason: Why?

Victor: So I can clip them.

Jason: What is your problem? You helped me with Cutter and now what I half to do a favor for you?

Victor: Yeah you do. But unlike Cutter, I won’t have leverage on you.

Jason: And why is that?

Victor: Zephyr is gone…EuroTron is gone, so what’s left between us.

Jason: I know. (Walking by him) Nothing. (He then heads out)

(Victor feeling saddened the fact he is losing his son over this messes, but has no way to make it up until he gets another strange text message. He gets out his phone and notice the new one sent from the same anonymous person. It reads, “YOU TOLD HIM. HE BELEIVE IT.” He shuts the phone off and throws at the wall crashing it)

(Cuts off to a uneven-tempered Victor)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of the Rave)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts inside as Julie is trying forget what happened last night and work on the hangout place for later afternoon trying lie down on the floor; she hears feet walking)

(The song continues)

Julie: I’m sorry we closed. We open at 3:30 pm… (She then notices it’s the man she been chatting for a while, the one who ditch her last night)

Man: Julie.

Julie: You have a lot of nerve.

Man: I can explain…

Julie: Explain this, Mr. Neil.

Man: You know my last name.

Julie: I want to know why you ditch me last night at a restaurant that you supposed saying that it was one of my mom’s favorites before meeting my mom.

Man: It was.

Julie: If it was, where were you last night?

Man: I can’t say.

Julie: Well say this….I’m tired of all this charades; tell me the real truth. Who are you?

Man: (Hesitating) The reason my last name is Neil is because that is your mother’s maiden name.

Julie: (A little stunned)

(The song continues)

Man: The real reason I know your mother is because she is my half-sister.

Julie: (Stunned) That means…You would…be my…

Man: Uncle.

Julie: Uncle?

Man: Rufus Neil… that’s my name.

(Cuts off to a stunned Julie)

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts to black room as only we see a medium size TV screen and then as we see static we see a video is being played live as we soon see a female with red hair fixing what is believe a camera in front of her and we only see the feedback as she is somewhere else, but is talking to someone in the black room live)

(As the song reaching to the end, we see the woman who assassinated Mr. Bryant)

Female: This is Belle; I have accomplished my two tasks from the list you have given to me. I have killed Mr. Bryant, and after a freak accident, Dr. Luneburg, have been taken out as well. And in one week, I will finish off the list by eliminating the only two individuals that stand a chance against us. If you are hearing this, my work is not completed but at the police ball I will be.

(The transmission that is showing Belle soon ends as the camera soon shifts to the person she was personally talking to)

(The camera shifts to non other than…Bradson)

Bradson: (Smirking)

(Fades out as the song “Breakdown” ends)

[Act V ends]


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