DC Team-Ups is a comic book based off "Batman: The Brave and the Bold".


Issue: Featuring: Plot:
"In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight!" Batman and Green Lantern Tatooed Man meets Victor Zsasz while in Arkham Asylum, and the 2 join forces to trap there enemies once and for all, so they escape prison with the help of the Sinestro Corps, and villains like Killer Moth, Star Sapphire, Deadshot and Hector Hammond decide to help.
"Strange"/"A Little Birdy Told Me" "Strange": Batman and Azrael "A Little Birdy Told Me": Batman and Black Canary Hugo Strange returns to Gotham after a while in Metropolis Prison, and, with help from new thugs Livewire and Atomic Skull, only one man can help... Azrael. / Man-Bat is born again, and he terrorizes Gotham, and Black Canary is the only one who can help!
"Hush Little Baby"/"Crocs In The Sewers" "Hush Little Baby": Batman and Harvey Bullock "Crocs In The Sewers": Batman and Aquaman Harvey Bullock is on the case to catch Hush, and strange things are going on as Batman has been framed for several crimes! / Aquaman goes to the sewers to find the one who's been attacking his city, Atlantis, and Batman thinks it might be Killer Croc, but another possible culprit is still at large... King Shark!

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