DC Unlimited is the name of the DC Comics reboot from Mo2damo. Some of the titles include Batman: Legends of Gotham, Operation Freedom, Federation Justice, Joker Academy, The Unseen, Oath of Bravery, Broken, Second No Longer, Two-Face, Joker and Metropolis. The first wave was released in March of 2015, and five other waves are to be released for a total of 100 comics. Most of them feature twists on popular characters such as Joker Academy and Oath of Bravery, however some feature completely original characters such as the Unseen. 

First Wave

Federation Justice (April 2015)

Legends of Gotham: Broken (April 2015)

Legends of Gotham: Operation Freedom (April 2015)

Legends of Gotham: Second No Longer (April 2015)

Green Lantern: Oath of Bravery (April 2015)

Gotham Villains: Two-Face (April 2015)

Gotham Villains: Joker (April 2015)

Legends of Gotham: Joker Academy (April 2015)

Metropolis (April 2015)

Diana of the Amazons (April 2015)

The Unseen (April 2015)

Gotham Villains: Scarecrow (April 2015)

Legends of Gotham: Apocalypse (April 2015)

Legends of Gotham: Arkham (April 2015)

Twin Cities (April 2015)

Second Wave


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