Darkest Knight is a 2018 animated series following Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Alfred Pennyworth. Jason Todd has been confirmed to appear later in the series.


In 2012, following the cancellation of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Warner Brothers began to develop a darker Batman animated series. The director chose to rehire the voices of Batman nd Nightwing from the popular series Young Justice for this project. At the 2015 Comic-Con, the director announced they would be taking inspiration from the 1990's Batman series.


  • Bruce Greenwood as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Jesse Mcartney as Robin/Dick Grayson
  • Actor Unrevealed as Alfred Pennyworth

Settings and Style

In this incarnation, Batman operates out of Gotham, a dark gothic city overflowing with evil and insanity. Unlike previous versions, the city is called simply Gotham, discarding the "city" for unknown reasons.

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