Davy Hasen, AKA The Grey Serpent, was formaly an asoicite of Baron Wolfen, but after being force-fed a poisen simalar to that that transformed Baron Wolfen, Davy became a private mercenry based in Bludhaven. When he returned to Gotham he was murdered by The Golden Scimitar.


Early Life

Born in London, Davys mother and father were wanted crimanals. Spending his childhood on the run, Davys mother and father were eventurly caught selling drugs to a Gotham police officer. Davy went to orpanage. Bullied for his red hair and his Cockney accent, Davy made friends with kids whose parents were also crimanals. Soon, Davy became leader of his gang, and soon made friends with Lucius Wulfric |||, son of a rich baron and his wife. Together, they devised schemes in whinch they could be the leading crimanals of Gotham Underworld.

When Luciuses parents died, he and Davy used the wealth to create a gang of crimanals that stedaly took over the Gotham underworld.