This is the Earth-827 version of Deadman.

1st Life

Jonathan "Boston" Brand was a police officer from Boston who transferred to Kane, Mexico. One night, he was on patrol in the Downtown District, he got a call about a robbery in progress at the Kane City Bank. When he got there, he found that the thieves had already left. He drove after them, and caught one of them. The other got away. The one who Jon captured gave his name as Andre Cortez (the man who would later become Bane). While Jon was driving, Andre smashed into the side of the car repeatedly, causing it to swerve to the side. It rolled over a log, and fell into a ditch, effectively killing Jon. Andre escaped from the car but was arrested by another officer.


Jorge was resurrected by King Snake in The Bane of Gotham. King Snake needed to capture Bane, and so he resurrected the man who had a vendetta against Bane to lure hime into the trap. more to come

As Wanderer

Jon soon realized the error of his ways, and that King Snake was the real enemy. He teamed up with Batman and Bane to defeat King Snake. He took the name Wanderer because of the fact that he was a wandering spirit. After the Bane of Gotham storyline, he went back to Gotham, and helped Batman fight crime there. He went to visit his former town of Kane, and when he got there, he saw that everything was wrong. The crime level, was high, and the police force was corrupt. TBA

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